Trumps creating a new party

Hence the term a “revolutionary act!” Grass roots is where it starts and they don’t have the numbers to stop it if it catches fire. Starving them out is a good start.

Well…yeah. Who wants the “wrong” people running for office…:man_shrugging:

You should use this site to organize another insurrection. I won’t tell, I promise… :zipper_mouth_face: :rofl:

Especially if Trump’s at the front of that 3rd party…:wink:

He’s too busy posting childish memes, personal insults and name calling to have a conversation. And is the first one to tag the moderators if someone goes off topic in his threads. Just ignore his type…:man_shrugging:

What that’s all you got? Now all of sudden after your denigrating partisan comments you want be civil with a lame retort? Yeah OK!

I agree that the GOP (quite a few, at least) wanted him gone, also. It doesn’t matter. When the time comes, they will be voted out. The thing that matters is that the movement Trump created will not go away… and the left knows it. They are scared to death…lol.


Are you, oh, say, about 12 years old?

I ask because your words (to which I am alluding) suggest something along those lines.

It is one thing to oppose–even strongly oppose–what others believe.

It is something else, entirely, to reek of bitterness toward it (and, by extension, toward all who are of a different persuasion than one’s own).

I really do not know if a third party (probably headed by Donald Trump) will come into being, or not.

At this point, I do not think that anyone knows.

But I would hope that you would make serious, analytical comments–rather than simply in-your-face, nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah comments.

Is this really too much to ask?

I have already demonstrated that Republicans did not lose everything–that they made enormous gains in the House, for instance, and did very well in the statehouses (which determine redistricting).

But you have–understandably, I suppose–simply ignored this…

Your point is taken, and I do try to be civil most of the time.

If there’s bitterness, it’s a response to the real destruction and loss of life that has been caused by many on the far right. I do make an attempt not to demonize people though

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I am not sure if a third party, headed by Donald Trump, would break all precedent, and become a success.

But to claim that it would be “[e]specially” unlikely to succeed, because of the affiliation with Donald Trump, is simply partisan hogwash–rather than something steeped in careful analysis.

Please try to make your replies more thoughtful–and more seriously analytical.

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Yeah right. By making false accusations based on ignorance by believing and buying false narratives that MSM has spoon fed you then repeating them here only creates resentment towards you. Your bigoted views and bullshit stereotyping is the reason why you and your side is hated so much. Try not being a hypocrite all the time and actually practice what you pretend to be.


Ten GOP Reps voted to impeach Trump, the others did not. This is a great place to begin amassing a corpus of support for the new Party.

Trump had strong support down ballot in the House. Once Trump elects new Party candidates in 2022 many of the old time GOP’er will be glad to save their skins and negotiate with him.

As I mentioned in another thread Trump can do much more damage to the Deep State from the outside. This is just the beginning if Trump decides to go in this direction. It is his call based on how he and his family feel.


Well, you can merely wait and see.

Is this really too much to ask?

You already know the answer to that. You are dealing with a Liberal. There is no way to be an adult with them.


You didn’t demonstrate anything. The election results demonstrated that republicans gained both in the house and in state legislatures. The colossal repudiation was against Trump. And if not for his idiocy between the election and the January 5th runoffs in Georgia, republicans would have retained a senate majority.

The Republican leadership is keenly aware of this and will continue to marginalize Trump. May even support conviction in the senate impeachment trial to ensure they never have to deal with him again. :wink:

Or expect intellectually honest conversations based on facts. All they try to do is invalidate the rights view and put forth false stereotypes and unsubstantiated narratives that are emotionally based.


Why are you always swallowing camels and choking on gnats…:thinking:

If you’re going to scold someone here, why not start with the trumpian ones that are routinely posting insulting memes, personal insults, an name calling other posters…:man_shrugging:

I have to agree with you on this… unfortunately.