Trump's brother is dead at the age of 71

Look at what he has been tweeting

@ phony doctor
I thought you got bored messing with other people’s threads.
Keep on posting troll stuff, I won’t bother you.

I don’t post stuff for you, I post stuff for my fellow Americans which you are not and your opinions about our issues and our Politics has zero meaning!

Anyway, maybe next time before seeking attention you should try confirming a story first before posting it as news! It was changed back so go cry some more!

Sure Israel didn’t kill him???

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The man is dead; God Give Him Rest.

Look who’s talking.
The more you open up your mouth, the more damages there will be to the reputation of the conservatives.

Keep on posting stuff on China, and more sensationalist stuff in the style of yellow journalism, which certainly diverts attention from real issues.
Cui bono? Who benefits?

There is something very fishy about this man’s death.
Only time will tell about the true nature of the event, but at least we agree with Jim Stone:

Yes, I believe they murdered Trump’s brother Robert

I completely believe that was his real twitter, because if it was not, why did it get removed by Twitter the moment he died? How would they know right when to remove it if they were not informed of a murder plot beforehand? I’ll be brazen here - Robert Trump was murdered and Twitter was in on it. They knew beforehand, the timing of the shutdown of that account was just too perfect.

They could not shut it down while he was alive because he could have complained and confirmed it was his. If it was a hoax account, considering what was said there, (scroll down to see a nice big sample, ) - it’s over the top true, hilarious, and awful, the absolute last thing Twitter would ever want. If that was not the real Robert’s account, it would have had every bit and byte of it’s content exploded at the speed of light on day one. There’s no way Twitter did not know about that account, which got very popular quickly and was launched only after Trump’s scamming sister released that book, which Robert hated her for. That Twitter was likely Robert’s response to that book. All of that is documented below if you scroll down.

Breitbart has probably been taken over by communists, and/or probably was a limited hang out site all along, showing it’s true colors now

Remember that Breitbart reporter with the whole “he touched me” thing? You know, THAT, I have been skeptical ever since and it is now justified

Breitbart just ran the headline “Biden’s lead over Trump shrinks to 3 points”. THAT’S PATENT B.S., Biden NEVER had a lead over Trump at any point ever. Any news publication that even implies Biden at any point had a polling lead over Trump is either too stupid to do their own work and/or think, or a scamming con that spews lies for agendas and motives. If Breitbart entered that fray, it is ADIOS, I never paid attention to them after the “he touched me” thing anyway, I forgot the reporter’s name but who cares.

Let’s get something straight here - in the grain belt/flyover country, Trump has 97+percent support, and people will vote for him. In the liberal sh*tholes, Trump has well over 70 percent support, there’s not a single precinct anywhere where Trump would not smash it, he would take every single state and county in a legit election. Unfortunately the YIDS have infiltrated the entire voting infrastructure from top to bottom and enforce a “fair” vote rather than an accurate one. Election theft starts at the synagogue, and so does the scamming media, feminism, abortion, the income tax, horrendous property taxes, hydroxychloriquine bans and everything else, those bastards did ALL OF IT. I am 100 percent convinced that they are 100 percent responsible for every damn bad thing that happened to America over the last 50 years, including 911. If a civil war does not address this issue, any effort to fix it will be as futile as shampooing carpets with piss.

Robert Trump is dead. And the moment he died, Twitter suspended that account. What’s up with that???

With your negativity, everything will be like shampooing carpet with piss in the past, in the present and the future.

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I didn’t write that sentence.
Follow the rules when quoting someone.

Yeah ok as if you are some authority here on anything! You got anymore ■■■■■■ conspiracy theories you want post? It’s why most here choose to ignore you, because the very thing you accuse me of is what you are guilty of. Projection is a bitch it sometimes works that way! BTW, you are not a conservative if you advocate not owning houses or buying the same car, so that is rich coming from you! If you don’t like my posts you are free not to read them!

Except you don’t ever follow the rules here! DerailIng threads and posting threads devoid of a proper synopsis to which moderators here warned you about, just look at this one as a classic example! If you didn’t read and write on a 8th grade level we wouldn’t even know of your mental afflictions!

Your reactions are immature and 100% predictable.
You certainly give conservatives a bad name.

Yeah and this is mature? Ok Digipoopoo! You just proved my point! You are no conservative so your little comment means absolutely zero!

Uh no! Only you agree with the crazy Jim Stone! He lives insides your head rent free!