Trump warns Haley donors will be ‘permanently barred from the MAGA camp’

Excellent they can donate to democrats. What a complete dumb ass!

OR , we can watch the demoRATS raise our taxes , double the national debt , import another 70,000,000 illegals , pass 700 more regulations that make things COST MORE , watch mortgage rates go to 16% , spend a trillion on climate BS , pass more gun laws , use the IRS, FBI to punish those that oppose the views , etc .

… And watch 90% of the Repubs support them. :roll_eyes:

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Nothing changes just the players . We get the shaft every time !!!

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It appears Rump wants to lose by disenfranchising people that would vote for him. .

Miss the point???

People that would/will vote for him have a brain. They can actually see the forest through the trees. What is it you don’t understand?

You don’t have to like the man, you just have to see that he is the man that get things in motion to fix some of the shit that is wrong. No one you support or would vote for can do that.

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We have to admit our economy was GREAT under Trump .
We were in less world turmoil with Trump .
Gas was $2 a gallon , oil was $25 a barrel , mortgage rates at 2.25% ,groceries were 1/4 what what they are now . taxes , both property and personnel were way lower than now . The border was secure and walls were going up . Trump questioned the US contrubtions to NATO , and the UN .

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Seems you missed the point entirely.

Rump needs all the support he can get to off set his big mouth and abrasive nature. Disfranchising anyone is beyond stupid.

I can agree with that. I just think everyone is aware of his mouth and is willing to look past it to fix the country.

How it looks today:
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Votes Needed for
270 Winning Combinations
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Democrats 226 44 9
Republicans 235 35 12
Ties 1

“Today” is the operating word. There is almost a whole year to go. Dems are starting to revolt against this admin. Blacks are turning on the Dem party every day. People in Chicago are going to start shooting migrants pretty soon. We will see how this ends up. I know you want Trump to fail miserably… I just don’t understand why, when there is really no other alternative… other than to stay with what we have… and that will guarantee our demise.

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Trump favorability ratings:
RCP averages:
Favorable: 41.6%
Unfavorable: 53.9%

As people hate Biden they still dislike Trump and his instability. Everything is in play and as it has been from the beginning it’s Trumps to lose.

RealClearPolitics - Trump: Favorable/Unfavorable!