Trump: Voter ID Must Play 'Very Strong Part' in Deal on Election Security! ***UPDATE***

This linked article to Trumps remarks is a few weeks old but I thought it was worth noting that the issue of having a national voter ID law is paramount to insuring that non citizens don’t get to vote in our elections! I have yet to hear one argument from the Democrats on why it’s a bad idea, only that they love filing frivolous lawsuits, then go judge shopping for an Obola appointed judge in hopes to stop states wanting to adopt similar measures! Hey Eric Holder? Are you listening?

At least this is still in Trump’s peripheral in terms of what he wants to still accomplish, perhaps after a few indictments of Democratic operatives are convicted for corruption will soon change that. At least that is my hope!

Well, this story that is picking up steam as of late, seems interesting that there is now an active movement in the state of California by the conservative base to challenge the DMV’s active sinister intention to register Illegal Aliens by awarding Drivers Licenses to them.

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Voter ID is incredibly important but it is never going to happen. Both sides have been fighting against it for decades, which tells me that they both have been guilty of committing election fraud. When the elected officials don’t suffer any consequences it’s going to keep happening too.

We all know the reason dems want more illegals entering our Country . They have setup sanctuary Cities , neutralize our police force by punishing them for reporting them to ICE .NY has passed a law were citizens are FINED $250,000 for simply saying illegal alien !!

Voter ID is important but I think the largest problem is big tech voter manipulation. According to Dr. Robert Epstein, an absolute expert in this area (and Democrat supporter), as many as 78 million votes will be shifted if something is not done to reign in traitorous Google/Facebook/Twitter, etc.

I am not sure I share your cynicism pertaining to this issue. Not to say that you are wrong and you have reasonable impetus to have that view as well, however nothing is forever, and elections have consequences, and that is for both sides who belong to the Big club. One hand wahes the other eventually, such as the ratification of USMC agreement will go a long way neutralizing the Big Club’s ambitions and is the reason why they have been fighting this administration’s trade policies as it relates to China. Its all connected. That being said, this is something, if it is going to happen, the special interest of the equation has to be removed and things have to align just right.

You make a very good point in terms of the tech companies, however, if they get caught in any way that shows they tampered with the elections by which you are suggesting, then the consequences and the blowback will be so severe that they will never be able to recover from again! That being said, the day of reckoning is coming soon for the likes of Google, Twatter, and Facebook where the days of their exploitation is going to have a very big price tag on it.

They won’t get caught if they are being protected by the deep state. They have ZERO oversight anyway.

I disagree. The deep state is going to be outed soon, and is going to be Earth shattering when it happens. I bet my life on it! When I said there will be a reckoning I mean there will be a reckoning and timing is everything. You may not believe me, nor do I expect you to, but that is OK, but I know for a fact in regards to to the tech companies and a ruling is going to happen soon where their special status as a platform will no longer be valid and will be ruled as a publisher. Once that happens that opens up an entire avenue of civil liabilities to commence. This is already being fought out in the courts and it just a matter of time when the card is turned in. So yes they will be caught eventually!

The last guy who went after the deep state didn’t do so well.

The states have always been able to determine how they conduct their elections. I agree that there is a need for National Voter ID laws but that would require congress to do something…which isn’t going to happen.

Not yet anyway! Keeping this in the narrative is as important as immigration reform. Once Trump wins a second term and indictments roll out, and convictions which I am certain is going to happen, as well as certain people being voted out of office or implicated on criminal charges things will start to change.

I appreciate your optimism. I am going to vote for Trump to have a second term, but I am not optimistic that things are going to improve. I want to be wrong about this, and I definitely go back and forth, but he got steamrolled on the travel ban by the courts. He got detailed on so many initiatives because of the courts.

So even if the swamp actually does get drained, the activist judges aren’t going anywhere and they will block Voter ID.

No issues with voter ID, just make it fairly easy to obtain and not expensive…

A voter ID card (good only for voting) should be free. Otherwise, the leftists will call it a poll tax.

I also appreciate your honest post, as its evident to me its thoughtful. honest and you speak from the heart! I can not say I disagree with you. The optimism part of me is having hope that Justice prevails in holding those responsible for their blatant disregard for the law. If no one is charged, indicted what seems to reasonable people who know the likes of Brennen and Comey lied under oath, subverted the public trust to try to remove a sitting president then the hope for the country in the future will be in serious jeopardy.

When I was reading your post, I had just finished reading an interesting article that I think you might find interesting. While the subject matter being discussed is not exactly related to this OP, what is, is the wretched behavior of certain people willing to spread lies to destroy a mans reputation. Truth is under attack and its the actions of certain people who try to prevent the truth from being realized and told that is reprehensible. The point is, the cultural Marxists will do anything to destroy the truth and that in of itself is the most dangerous threat we as a society are facing right now. This article is a microcosm of that perspective.

If this interest you, I think you will find this as an excellent and interesting read.

The cries of racism will appear again by those who pander to them for votes. How difficult would it be to load the equipment in a van and go to neighborhood and senior centers to issue ID cards for voting purposes only.Unfortunately, they would have to be bi- lingual.
Poll security shouldn’t be a problem as the Black Panthers have done this to " protect " black voters.

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This is pretty funny. On the issue of Voter ID Jim Acosta is asking the president where is the proof?

If Jimmy boy was an actual reporter do ya think he could find the answer to that question himself?
Talk about the uncanny irony here.

Oh then there is this little bit to which many states that have dead voter roles are being sued to clean up their act.

Unfortunately, Voter ID cards will create a Black Market for fake cards. Istill support Voter ID.If ID is needed for certain things, why would this be wrong.