Trump Torches NBC to Their Face!

Chopper pressers are the best, and Trump pulled no punches in this one! Trump destroys NBC’s Peter Alexander to his face while trashing NBC rating them below CNN, and that was pretty hilarious to watch!

Here is the shorten version.

Full Presser


Peter Alexander is as rude as Jim Acosta. Where’s Jim, btw? Lol. All these rude, childish, grand-standers will be expelled.

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Good point! Where is Jim! Ha ha! Lol!

Serious observation…don’t they realize he would give them air time (and a ratings boost) if they would just show a little respect to the President of the United States?

Shhh! We don’t want that! The more that these media acolytes froth at the mouth with such incendiary rhetoric the more they contribute to their own demise while awakening the masses to seek the truth. In actuality, this is a beautiful thing to witness as we are experiencing a paradigm shift!

Trump got a hard question and threw a temper tantrum. How typical.

The are democrat activists and all that matters to them is trying to get in a few cheap shots, ratings are secondary to them at most.