Trump seeks to expand powers as Mueller, Democrats threaten to constrain

This is what MSM journalism has come to. Stephen Collinson is a CNN reporter; a journalist. Yet to read this anti-Trump screed you would think he was a liberal pundit.

He leads off with this little tidbit:

A fateful confrontation for the ages is fast approaching over the limits of presidential authority between Donald Trump and the political, investigative and judicial bodies that stand in his way.

And later:

Tension among the three branches of government is a built-in feature of the US system, and presidents from John Adams to Barack Obama have chafed at constraints on their power.

Reading the article, one gets the idea that he sees the three branches as political, investigative and judicial. What I also find to be interesting in the article is that he seems to believe that DEMs taking a single house in Congress means that they get to call the shots.

In any case, I found the piece to be indicative of what the MSM has devolved to in the age of Trump.


You would think a reporter of all people would understand our government and how it works. I mean how good of a reporter are you really if you don’t even understand what you’re reporting on?