Trump Says: “Don’t Say I didn’t Warn You!

Some time ago Trump was talking about taxation on the Chinese. This is a golden moment and why I love Trump!


I love it. Trump has always had an axe to grind with the Chinese…as should all Americans if they were paying attention. Chinese companies have been ripping us off for decades and American companies have been complicit in the act. Trump has been waiting his whole life to put the screws to the Chinese.

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Oh yes - Trump. The master communicator. Art of the Deal. Only the best people :rofl:

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How do we know Trump isn’t lying about China regarding negotiating these tariffs?

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I have to assume that he IS lying, because he is too addled to even know what is true and what is not anymore.

The vast preponderance of evidence suggests that one should assume he is lying until pesky facts prove otherwise. I am still waiting for that to occur.

I will surely be voting for Trump again…as I did in 2016. He has done so many good things. No, he is far from being perfect. But can we all agree that we all have some “leftover baggage”?
I am sick and tired when this country is taken advantage by other countries such as China. We have been for many years. It was Obama - I believe - was the only President that kowtowed to China. The other previous Presidents didn’t really care if we were taken advantage of. And that is why, China still thinks they can.


People who wouldn’t be expected to lie quite so blatantly have apparently reported that China returned the US draft of the new agreement with a bunch of the US’s most-desired items deleted. Whether that’s perfidy or just the usual give-and-take of negotiating a contract, who can tell. They’re all lying plutocrats.

You are simply constipated.


Like a child…

“Mommy how do we know that I won’t die tonight?”

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It’s a version of ‘red-lining’. It’s not uncommon and not perfidious (is that even a word?) and it’s more polite to draw a red line through a non-starter than to 'tell ‘em what you really think’ about certain unilaterally beneficial clauses.

Those same companies are whining like it’s Trump fault. They had plenty of time to find/built new supply lines but instead they kept all their eggs in China.

I can’t feel sorry for em.

I have TDS so bad that I would rather America burn than Trump succeed. There, fixed it for you.

D -bags like you are great for the cause! You can”t win at making a convincing argument so just go straight to the insults! It’s what I define as the perpetual loser in life! Would you like a little cheese with your whine?

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What else do they have?

  • Policy? What policy?
  • Moral high ground? Dont make me vomit.
  • Votes? Illegals… yeah.
  • Insults? Of course.

Interesting interview

How much were wiped out from Biden and sons’ accounts?

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How the dirty laundry comes out when you run for office, right?

I guess it will boil down to who passes the sniff test. Then again, with the democrats, they see dirty laundry as a good thing if it advances their cause.

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This is a great interview if you haven’t seen it yet. What people (or shall we say the ignorant ones) can’t or refuse to see is that American companies and our political leaders have sold out the American people to the CHICOMS, and this guy tells us why and how.

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And Bam! Here we go hitting China where its going to hurt the most!