Trump Refuses to Bow to Intelligence Agencies!

Apparently you ignore the fools on MSNBC and CNN.

Both examples of fools the country take as a trait of progressives.

I was around then, wondering why we needed to take ownership of a hellhole because they had WMDs. Some of the choicest disinformation was paid for by Rumsfeld’s DIA. Google “curveball” which was the DIA code name for the biggest scam artist.

Colin Powell has called his 2003 speech to the United Nations, laying out the Bush administration’s rationale for war in Iraq, a “blot”on his record. The speech set out to detail Iraq’s weapons program, but as the intelligence would later confirm, that program was nonexistent.

A bit of a problem even today for Powell.

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Everyone involved in harassing and prosecuting Papadopalous should be fired and prosecuted for Official Oppression Under Color of Law.

I listen to Tucker regularly and always enjoy his show even though I think he gets off a little too far into the weeds with the conspiracy nuts but he’s absolutely right most of the time and on this one particularly.

Don’t bother with another asshat clown here! Very rarely can “it” offer anything in the way of objectivity and intelligent discourse as evident by its last post!

I don’t have much respect for Powell, but he was the guy who warned “you break it, you buy it”

The rest of the geniuses in the stampede to invade couldn’t see the wisdom of that. We could have bombed the hell out of them daily for ten years for a fraction of the money (and lives) wasted invading and trying to civilize that fucking nest of vipers. Not only that, we removed Iran’s nemesis, facilitated their hegemony in the region, and discredited the GOP which used to be the party of prudence in foreign policy.

It was all about the Haliburton contract!

Paul fking Bremmer who literally got thousands of our soldiers killed by making the decision to disband the Iraqi Army after US forces stormed Baghdad and secured the country in the first month. Realistically, our forces would have been out of Iraq in less than a year if that one fatal move was not to come to fruition as it did!

Here is an interesting angle to all of this. Might explain why Media is all in the tank on the Impeachment Bullshit!

Whatever anyone thinks of The Donald, they must surely admire his chutzpah*? I think he should get another term.

  • extreme self-confidence or audacity.

Carlson is a libertarian/Conservative, non interventionist and always has been. He’s on opposite sides of many issues with Trump and Trump’s base.

All you’re doing is showing you haven’t got a damned clue what you’re talking about as usual.


Iran’s primary Nemesis in the region is Saudi Arabia and globally it is the US.

Powell is a great example of Affirmative Action and it’s failures.

He never really accomplished much of anything other than to kiss ass and get promoted.

As a solider and officer he was mediocre at best but he kissed a lot of ass and always played the politics right.

H’s plays the moral indignation quite well.

I understand and feel your discomfort. However, Tucker is a shill and a bad one at that.

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I’m not the least bit uncomfortable with the truth. The truth is you have no damned idea what you are talking about.

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Physiological projection is a mental condition, just an FYI.

The asshat is trying to be relevant by pretending to know anything! Truth it’s just looking for attention hence using the same old stale material! :rofl:

Whining victim mentality on full display.

Ha Ha and you’ve taken on the “Dr. Phil meets Joe McCarthy” persona. More amusing than your last one.

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Yet, my post was spot on regardless of the butthurt it caused. Thank you.