Trump Rally Disaster in Omaha

Is this just typical Trump lack of organizing ability or a metaphor for his entire presidency?

The buses, the huge crowd soon learned, couldn’t navigate the jammed airport roads. For hours, attendees — including many elderly Trump supporters — stood in the cold as police scrambled to help those most at risk get to warmth, and some were taken to hospitals.

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The cultists only get one chance in their lives to see Hitler’s face as he passes. Standing in the cold for hours to get lied to. These are sad excuses for humans.


It is Callous Disregard for the people who support him. I have read several commentators in the past few days focusing on this aspect of Trumpism. He whines about having to show up to a rally in cold weather in Michigan, he begs suburban women, who he has consistently trashed, to vote for him because racism, he organizes/conducts this clusterfuck, etc., etc.


All of that theater excites them

Train wrecks, car crashes, and clown shows draw crowds, too.

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If they were cold they should have brought along some books to burn!.


Look at at your sources! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And you accuse us of being cultists and uninformed?

Thanks for the laughs! This was good entertainment!

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Why so full of hate for your fellow Americans???

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Its more of a symptom of projection. He hates himself more. All his failures in life are not of his own but one in which an oppressive system has denied him of his entitlements. Also I suspect serious daddy issues to which such contempt for a man in the White House draws such ire.

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They are just mad that Biden couldnt draw 1/10 the crowd size and enthusiasm (despite bad weather and traffic incidences) even on his best, unlidded days.


Come for the COVID, stay for the hypothermia!

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Just like the pizza boxes you burn in your mommy’s basement shack . :rofl:

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Here is a perfect example of Republican logic

TDS is real…

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Just wait until Trump loses the election. I can’t wait for all of the crying and complaining from the cult.

Who’s going to beat him? Sleepy joe? Haha he said he’s running for the senate against George Bush haha

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So youre saying covid is seasonal, like the flu?

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Have you considered a good therapist in order to deal with your unresolved father issues?

Pissing on your post right now. :fu:

It’s Beautiful. Trump got 3x the expected support. Over 30,000 supporters showed up. That’s a good thing. Biden can’t get a couple dozen circles filled.

Does sleepy Joe have this …

Or hide in the basement for the rest of your life.