Trump offers Turkey $100 billion trade deal if they ditch S400 🤪

Israel first! More Israel than ever before, rammed straight up the ass of the American taxpayer.

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What exactly does Turkey have that’s worth $100 billion in trade?

Seriously I have no idea what the country of Turkey exports to the world other than turkroaches.

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Turks originated in Turkmenistan. They invaded modern day Turkey around 1000AD and genocided the local, Greek, population up to 1923 when they either killed the remainder or pushed them out.

Turkey was called Asia Minor. Seven of the ancient Churches of the New Testament are in Turkey. It is a beautiful and resource-rich country.

If you have a chance to go you can have an amazing time looking at ancient cities for weeks/months. Look up “Ephesus”. Troy is there. Anthony met Cleopatra for the first time in Tarsus, which is in southern Turkey.

They export a lot of fruit/olives, plus metals, industrial products. The sky is the limit.

Look at the location on the map. It is perfect. This country used to be white. We could have easily taken it back in 1920. The British had an army there. The turks were a mess. At least we got the Greeks some of their offshore islands back.

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The DoD ought to be getting a commission from Russia on all the S400 systems they’ve helped sell with all these pay-off schemes not to buy them.

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I love how this justified fear of the S-400 missile system shows what a piece of shit the F-35 really is. Since part of the system is modernized VHF radars that can detect the flying slug no problemo. It’s just hilarious how this is a “weapon” that requires the victim to play along to the point of not even installing anti-air defenses invented in 2007. Fucking pathetic.

America’s power is waning, and everyone knows it. Sanctions are barely working anymore for most countries the US has sanctioned because sanctioned countries are trading with countries who don’t fear America. Turkey will just take the money and still buy S400s.

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I was at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (the new bigger one) over the summer and they already had the F-22 on display…I was like wut?!? That’s not even an old airplane. They shitcanned it for the F-35.

Really? One ( JUST ONE ) of our subs, has more firepower than all the wars in recorded history. Now that be pretty sobering if ya ask me. Now I do understand there is & always has been, political dirty dealing. And creeping gradualism can be as damaging as full blow war.

That would matter if no other country on Earth had the same military capability, but they do. So the effectiveness of that kind of weapon system is neutralized. Further, no one in their right mind would start deploying nuclear weapons from submarines unless the plan was to kill everyone on Earth. This was the Cold War lesson of Mutual Assured Destruction.

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What I said, political dirty dealing can slowly chip away a nations foundation. Just slower than war.

America was once a truly wholesome country; even with all our warts & faults. But the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg is being threatened. I believe it was Churchill who, more or less said, America has the worst system in all of history; except for all the rest.

Exactly, or at least closing in.

The F-35 is by most accounts is already outdated! Grumman just won the contract outbidding Boeing to build the next Generation 6 fighter jet. Lockheed won the contract over Grumman when the F-22 was put into service! It was an awesome plane, but Grumman IMO built an equally impressive fighter jet! Here is hoping they become the envy of the world with something far superior than what is out there now.

I think I’d rather be flying 700 mph at 20,000 feet, in a plane built by the highest bidder.

B 58 Hustler. Shazam ! Since the B-58’s were on a roll, on 5 March 1962, then Captain Robert “Gray” Sowers and his B-58 crew, flew non-stop from Los Angles to New York and back again in 4 hours, 41 minutes.

Wrong. Turks originated in east Asia, fighting the Chinese dynasties over the dominion there for over one thousand years.
They first appeared in the Chinese record as “Northern Barbarian” between 11th century BC and 8th century BC.

They were eventually dispersed by the Chinese Tang Dynastic and fled west in the 6th century AD and further by the Mongol Empire in the 13th century around which time they converted to Islam. However, their cousins in northeastern Siberia, speaking original Turkic languages, practice ancestral shamanism to this day.

Correct, but in terms of Pax Americana.
America wants to return to the original republic as conceived by the Founding Fathers, which will benefit Americans.

What the hell are you babbling about? Israel’s security has nothing to do with this proposed deal.

They tried, the Turks won.

The Turks never created civilization; they were good imitators. They still dream of world dominion in the style of the Gokturk Empire(s) which ruled from east Asia to the west of the Volga. It is the dream of “Turkestan,” an enormous federation of Muslim Turks stretching from Central Asia to Eastern Europe. Some Turks seem to live under this grand illusion, perhaps Erdogan himself included.

Asia Minor (today’s Turkey) was not only inhabited by Greeks but also by Celts whom the New Testament refers to as “Galatians” which means Celts.
After Asian Turks entered the area, fleeing the armies of Genghis Khan, they mixed with these locals as well.