Trump needs to use the emergency broadcast system 5 to 7 days a week

There is now 100% indisputable PROOF of election theft.

But if a tree falls in the forest & no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

The media is censoring the POTUS. Therefore Pres. Trump must use the Emergency Alert System to override & broadcast his message

It’s over. There was no theft of the election. Trump just lost and will forever be a one term president. More than half the country hated his guts and got rid of him.

Where is the trailer of 300,000 ballots that were stolen? Asking for a friend lol

That’s nothing but QAnon conspiracy theory. Get over it.

You can hate all your want but the second amendment was created to tame your kind, so hush up get your self a man, make a mean sandwich have some kids and enjoy life before you end up in the sub Sahara with absolutely no right to enter the United States of America again lol

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No it’s actually A sworn affidavit a witness to 300,000 ballots being stolen lol

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Even though this didn’t happen…300,000 votes for Trump won’t change the outcome of the election.

So why isn’t he in jail for perjury? Why is he lying? He didn’t even vote for trump

Mike pence cancels his trip on January 7th lol ohhh ooooo

The number of allegations backed by people willing to testify ar overwhelming but keep believing the MSM and the party line that is until the next election when the right doubles down on the creation of the left.

Why do these asshated clowns always show up at the time!

Same sock puppet …

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@here2bqueer did you get triggered and leave? Was looking forward to a dialogue lol

Drop in, take a dump and run.

The “affidavit” was never exhibited in court, same as the rest of the “evidence” we heard about in Giuliani’s landscape presser…:roll_eyes:

So it was disproved? He’s in jail for perjury?