Trump may use executive order to put citizenship question on 2020 census

Anyone remember Nike’s old just do it ad campaign?

Just do it Trump.

This is going to be great if he does it. I don’t see how he can do it any other way. He says they have five ways to do it.

Here is the video from the article.

The population of California and New York is going to drop. They will lose electoral college votes and representatives in DC. lol

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Just like you cheered on Obama when he used executive orders when he found no other way to get what he wanted…:roll_eyes:

Now that’s a pipe dream…

If you mark that you’re a white citizen really you’re just asking for it.

He’s not going to kick anyone out, so it’s somehow a win if he asks them if they’re here legally?

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The minute that pen hits paper it will get blocked in court.

It’s precedent now. …

It was overreach. Now it’s precedent.

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That’s probably true…

Was Obola’s unconstitutional EO that created Daca blocked by the court? In fact it was reinstated by the 9th if recent memory serves correct!

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My question is, why does such a simple question freak the left out so much? If youre illegal, dont fill the census out or vote.

Oh wait, its about money again, and sanctuary loony states need the rest of the country to subsidize for their virtue signaling.

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Cockroaches hide. Lizards masquerade.

Eagles fly proud in plain sight.

The response to the census question is very telling.

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Well of course it is! California and New York lead the nation when it comes a looming crisis of becoming insolvent! Just look at the pension liability issue which is 60 percent under funded, with Illinois being close to 80 only tell us that desperate Politicians who can’t solve problems are endangered to being exposed for the frauds that they are! This particular issue was originally filed in New York and should tell you all you need to know what the actual motives are!