Trump is still signing executive orders. What does that mean?

Biden’s “executive orders” haven’t left his desk, wherever it may be. Hollywood?

It means he’s president now. What you claimed for two months would never happen…:man_shrugging:

Biden is president on paper and TV screen only.


Is that why trumputin has got knee burns begging for Joe to pardon him
and ass burns from being kicked out on his ass. huh

Your brain is like a out house it fills up with shit and before it gets too full
you have to empty it…you’re over do to get it emptied…do it quickly before
you overflow and you know what happens then…huh

Yep. It’s the Nancy and Chucky show now.

Biden is def not president lol he was heard on a hot mic “what am I signing “ lol only thing holding his brain up was a chair ha

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All while donnie was home crying for a pardon…strong Joe was doing the job donnie never did…
being a president for the country and trying to fix the mess donnie got us in…GOJOEGO

Yep, in the “white house” that has a parking lot behind, signing blank sheets of paper called “EOs” with the wrong hand.

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Gotta wonder why so many people here are posting threads critical of the Biden EO’s if they are meaningless…:rofl:

They are meaningless.
What can I say?

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Then, once again why are so many retrumplicans posting threads critical of meaningless EO’s…:man_shrugging:

YA then trumputins Eos were meanless cuz part of the EO’S STRONG JOE is
signing is all of the EOs trumputin signed into law hahaha…The rest of the EO’S
STRONG JOE is signing are crafted to help the people your messiah
donnie the conman murderer put into slavery by the millions and millions of people in the
unemployment lines. bankrupt. foreclosed. thrown from their homes…hungry
without jobs…that’s what donnie con man russian agent murderer did…

Joo Biden wants a Talmud paradise in America and is trying to get rid of the annoying goyim for good, just like the demonic book dictates. End of the story.
Trump is operating out of Florida under the radar. His success depends on how many sleeping sheep wake up.