Trump is impeached for the second time!

Well…the fascist president trumputin has been the first president in history to be impeached 2 times…that’s cuz he’s such a genius …Oh and it’s because he’s a fascist pig,hahahahaha
how great it is!!!

And trumputin will be the first president to be charged in the courts…and convicted for criminal acts…

His family will be charged with criminal acts they committed and will be convicted…

Can’t you just imagine melania and ivanka in striped prison garb in jail of coarse both have
tons of experience in bed with other women…reason they needed to just look at who they married!!!

I wonder if donnie jr. has been practicing with ever increasing size cucumbers he needs to loosen it up cuz he’ll be using it profusely sooner rather then later… how can something be so serious and hilarious at the same time…


There is already a thread created on this topic apparently some can’t take the time to read posts here to know that.