Trump Invokes Defense Production Act by Taking Control of 3M Manufacturing

"I’m not a big fan of government nationalizing private industry; but sheesh, if these multinationals won’t put America First during a crisis, then it becomes needed. It didn’t take long for 3M to chase profits over patriotism, and end up in hot water:

”The Secretary, through the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Administrator), shall use any and all authority available under the Act to acquire, from any appropriate subsidiary or affiliate of 3M Company, the number of N-95 respirators that the Administrator determines to be appropriate.”…

In the situation we are facing, anyone with the authority would have done the same thing. Imagine Trump wishing to keep Americans alive.

Well would you look at that…and here I thought that the free market always rises to the challenge and solves all of our problems. Turns out that exerting national control of things your countrymen need to survive was always the right idea. HH.

Well warranted. 3M should be seriously punished for this.

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If anything it sends a loud and clear message to all the other companies doing similar things. Tom Donahue from the COC has got to be going apoplectic over this latest bit of news. Now that would be worth seeing!


I’m as “pro business” as you can get but damn, this is unconscionable on every level and in every way.

Yeah is pretty crazy. Its the age we live in where the Romney Corporate vultures are sociopathic in their chase for wealth, that they would ignore the own country in time of need. Today I was reading Robert Kraft just donated something like 300,000 dollars worth in Masks and because he is Trumps friend all of sudden people are criticizing him for it. Its like people from the left woke up one morning and took stupid pills.

Companies behave this way when they are rewarded for doing so. For decades, US companies have been selling out the American people. What 3M was doing shouldn’t surprise anyone. Thanks to decades of pro globalization policies the US lost its status as a country and became an economic zone for multinational corporations to do business in.

This is no different than any other war. WW2; on Monday it was Singer Sewing Machines; by Friday it was Singer Machine Guns. You manufacture this for us; and we pay you. It’s called Capitalism. If a situation results in loss of life, IT’S A WAR.

They weren’t rewarded, they were nationalized which is about the worst punishment you can get short of putting the CEO in prison.

If you ever want to own a premier M1 Carbine get one built by National Cash Register.

They had the best manufacturing tolerances in the industry at the time.

Yes. I understand exactly what just happened. What I was referring to was the decades of preferential treatment that these companies received for selling out the American people. Just look at how well China controlling the majority of our production has worked out for us.

No company has ever been rewarded for this in US history.

You are absolutely right! This had to be done!

The Holy Grail of 1911s is the Singer. Think of the tolerances in a sewing machine.

What are you talking about? NAFTA, as just one example, was a big sloppy blowjob to companies doing exactly this.

No it wasn’t, not even close. NAFTA just created a trade preference between the US Canada and Mexico with the main interest being to raise the standard of living in MX enough to stop them from flooding into the US illegally.

It failed miserably, but there was no national emergency or war at that time.

Thanks for proving my point that our politicians were busy selling out Americans, offshoring American production, shutting down factories which decimated entire small towns, and made us completely dependent upon foreign nations for our goods and services.

He is talking about the outsourcing of jobs that has left our country vulnerable to what we are experiencing now.

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When I think of such issues I picture Romney’s face!