Trump: Immigration Raids Could Start Fourth of July

Don’t hold your breath…

Trump gave Congress two weeks to get the job done. if they aren’t going to address deportations my hope is that he will. Personally I don’t want to have to hear Mexican mariachi music blasted from some shitty car sound system again while these invaders desecrate our national holiday. Last year was bad enough.


I’m not holding my breath but I will sigh in satisfaction when it starts.

Reminds me of the movie “Independence Day” with Will Smith and others. Maybe, in reality it will be a sequel to this - Independence Day: The Mexican Deportation.

Of course, none of the MSM has the balls to cover any of it LIVE at the border. They rather talk the bullshit walk.

Hopefully they’ll be smart enough this time not to announce it and attempt to work with the locals ahead of time.

Just roll out the federal LEO’s and do it.