Trump has been poisoned

I know many of you don’t take Alex Jones seriously, but there is ground for concern for the health of Trump.

Dems and the Deep State want him out, dead or alive.

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I don’t know. He did a press conference today and was his usual self. If he had been poisoned they would have cancelled the press conference.

Good to hear.

" Simultaneous with Trump being poisoned, Hillary has claimed an assassination attempt on herself. THAT IS CALLED “DISPLACEMENT”. We now know she either did it, or knew about it.

White House staff and secret service HAVE CONFIRMED THE FOLLOWING DID INDEED HAPPEN. Alex was notified because he was the biggest voice, able to reach the most people quickly. The suspicion is that a binary poison was used. Binary poisons do nothing if only one chemical half is eaten, but if the other part of the poison is eaten it then combines and does the poisoning. That’s how they would get the poison past the food testers. Obviously if it is polonium it would get past a food tester also. It is not known exactly what the poison is, only that it happened."

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Another conspiracy nonsense by the digipoopoo! This story is fake news and created for click bait!

“Strange circumstances”

Why would anyone with a functional brain stem take AJ seriously?

He’s a raging conspiracy nut with zero credibility.

Yet the letter from his doctor says otherwise.

If you had an ounce of brain, you would realize Tump’s doctor is not going to reveal what really transpired.
The fact remains the his visit to Walter Reed was out of the ordinary.

Donald Trump’s motorcade at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Saturday.


Donald Trump’s motorcade at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Saturday. Photograph: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

Now 73, Trump is the oldest president ever sworn into office for the first time. Speculation over his health intensified as he stayed out of the public eye for two days following his trip to Walter Reed, a short journey for which he used a motorcade including an ambulance rather than the Marine One helicopter as usual.

There’s actually a bible prophesy which predicts Trump being poisoned.

2 Esdras apochrypha, about a leader who “takes the kingdom by flattery” and then dies “not by the sword, but in his bed”. Someone was telling me about it last year. There is also some kind of connection to a protection made in the Book of Daniel but I can’t remember it but I know the prediction made in 2 Esdras and Daniel are connected.

Trump did not win the White House by flattery lol. He won it by insulting Mexicans, Democrats, and half the Republicans.

What I said; he’d have gotten my vote simply because he irritates people. I do love chain jerkers. The fact he’s doing what he can to unscramble the eggs & deal with the bags of shit he was handed, is just icing on the cake. He’s just a man; but I think he’s a decent man.

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Very decent.
He’s been risking his life.

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Trump cleared this up yesterday himself, in case you and AJ think he was lying…again

My first thought when I heard this ridiculous news was that Trump was going to use this as an excuse to abandon his office so that he can avoid the embarrassment of getting kicked out of it via impeachment.

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