Trump has a Secret Chinese Bank Account

From the New York Times. Trump has a secret bank account in China…what do you MAGAts have to say about this? Are you going to defend this racist authoritarian? Of course you will.


Ooh so Earth shattering! (Can you hear my sarcasm :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)This is how dumb you are! Holy crap you are the gift that keeps on giving and it’s comical. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This is not a secret as it’s been known he has had business interests in China for years so having a bank account is not that big of a deal. The difference is he wasn’t selling state secrets and using his elected office like the Biden’s did for personal financial gain while selling out his country. BTW, if this little revelation was discovered in his tax records then it’s not exactly a secret is it now? I Guess you weren’t smart enough to figure that one detail out! Hilarious! :rofl: :rofl:

You are a dork!

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$180,000 in taxes paid to the PRC over a 3-year period (2013-2015), says the story.

My math says that’s $60,000/yr in Chinese taxes.

I shall note that:
• $60,000 >>> $750;
• $60,000 >>> $0;
and my supply of swear words is insufficient, so I yield my time


Look, it’s not Trump’s fault if the US is, and the PRC is not, a failed state and kleptocracy.

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So when Trump said he pays taxes during the first debate, he wasn’t lying. He was just paying them to China.

Let’s see the alleged tax return Buffy

What do your chinamen have to say about all the money “donated” to the Biden cartel ?
Are they worried about Russia “donating” to the cartel and may get better "favors " from the thugs ?

He also paid taxes in several other countries (Turkey? Malaysia?). I guess that’s how much Trump respects America.

Being a high school dropout and not understanding how tax law works shouldn’t surprise anyone that you can’t do math here either. Along with the other knuckleheads who seem to comment on the like is par for the course!

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What a load of garbage.

If they get into a discussion about the Biden tax plan in tomorrows debate, I hope that Biden says,

“I’d say that under my plan you’ll pay more in income taxes, but as we know, you don’t pay any income taxes now so anything would be an increase for you!”

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And then the moderator should mute Trump’s microphone so no one can hear his incoherent shouting. I expect Biden to land a lot of blows tomorrow and I hope he makes Trump answer for all of these tax payments to foreign countries while stiff arming America.

Wow. An American billionaire has a bank account. Thanks for the hot tip you stupid anus


Nice double standard you have there.

All businesses overseas pay taxes in the countries they do business in

I get it your not business savvy

LOL if he can remember what job he’s running for

Doesn’t his dementia worry you a bit

New York Times… let’s examine some other things they accused him of. Russia Collusion, Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine, Pissing on hookers… Yeah, let’s just go with the latest “bombshell” and hope this one sticks. :rofl:

So it’s not only Putin and Russia that has Trump in their back pocket, it’s China too…watch as Trumptards now switch to saying the Chinese aren’t that bad.

Oh not this crap again! Still taking those stupid pills? Apparently you are! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This must be you! It would explain a lot! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

1000s of companies - organizations do business & pay taxes with countries all over the world. Looks like someone is working at stupidity.

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