Trump Had NO Vaccine Distribution Plan

Biden walks into the job to find that there was no White House plan to distribute the vaccine. Now we know why Trump’s promise last fall to have 100 million Americans vaccinated by years end never materialized…

Why should he? If you are stupid enough to take the vaccine in the first place then you are deserving what you get!

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Ya We also know the top vaccine producer…(can’t remember it name right now) offered trumputin
100 million vaccines and TRUMP TURNED IT DOWN the drug company called 3 more times…
they thought something wasn’t realistic about trumps turning down the vaccines but no trump turned the vaccines down…now we have no vaccines and thousands will die…trumputin needs to pay for it with his life…

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What’s funny in all this is that Trump never received credit from his most ardent supporters for the vaccination created by his operation warp speed. And worse, they think he was working with the likes of Bill Gates, the WHO and Fauci to create and distribute a leathal vaccine for the purpose of global population reduction…


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The other problem is there are millions of these nut cases all over the place
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Trump Team Announces New COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution …

(WASHINGTON) — The Trump administration is asking states to speed delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to people 65 and older and to others at high risk by no longer holding back the second dose of the…

Vaccine distribution: Trump administration reverses course …

Jan 12, 2021The Trump administration plans to release reserved second doses immediately, a senior administration official tells CNN. The official expects reserved doses to be distributed over the next two…

Trump Administration Releases COVID-19 Vaccine

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Department of Defense (DoD) today released two documents outlining the Trump Administration’s detailed strategy to deliver safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine doses to the American people as quickly and reliably as possible.

If only you could get over the hate fest.

Implementation a state responsibility.

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You know, he’s on ignore but I saw the headline and thought “Hold up, Biden was sworn in YESTERDAY, yet my sister and father both have managed to get the vaccine (father is 83, sister works at the hospital) a few weeks ago.” It takes an amazing level of stupidity to suggest there was no distribution plan. The pathetic attempt to credit Biden with this vaccine is just transparent as hell. You wouldn’t even HAVE a vaccine if not for Trump you fuckwits.

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