Trump Gives Conan a Medal

WATCH: President Trump Honors Hero Dog Conan at White House (RSBN Footage 11-25-19)

Monday, November 25, 2019: RSBN’s Jordan Parker was at the White House today and got to witness a special moment when the hero dog ‘Conan’, wounded in a raid that killed an ISIS leader in Syria, was honored by President Trump in the Rose Garden

I love Dita

Dita is a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois , which plays Cerberus in CBS’ SEAL Team . “It’s amazing,” said Justin Melnick, her owner and handler. Melnick, who was a military photographer in real life before he became a police officer, showed up for the pilot with his dog expecting to play a stunt man.May 16, 2018


Trump completely trolled the libshit media to the point that this is all they can talk about!


I wonder how Conan O’Brien, or the other Late Nite TV jerks, will try to use this event on their shows tonite?


That was precious. Dogs are very good judges of character. Did you see how Conan would’t leave Pence alone? The minute Pence stopped petting him he was nudging him until he would pet him again. He wasn’t even looking to his handler for attention, seemed to be very focused on Pence.

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Pence probably loved the fact that the dog helped to send a demon straight to hell and the dog knew it.


Every Woman in America could gain a better understanding of her man by watching this.


I kid.

No need to kid :wink: There is a lot of truth in that.

I have a rescue Curr from North Carolina. Took YEARS to earn her trust. Took YEARS before she wasn’t afraid of an electrical cord, poor thing.

She watches me like a hawk. Some people she is happy to allow to come near me. Others? Not so.:grimacing: I do not know what she bases her instincts on, but I’ve learned to trust her.

I absolutely loved how Conan could just not get enough of Pence. Dog instinct was completely at play there. Kind of makes me want to take a second look at him.

Notice Melania was noping right out and would not get within 10 feet of that dog? :joy:

Pence was not afraid or intimidated at all. And that dog just loved him.

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I have only seen on TV any dog that actively disliked a person like that.

My Grandma used to tell me about a dog she had which would almost literally attack any gentleman caller who wasnt well dressed.


By the way, whatever happened to Caesar Milan???

What do you think? Silenced by the lefties:

People simply get to the point where they say enough is enough and just want to live in peace. The lefties count on that.

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I saw someone post this as an example of how Lefties think and act.

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I give. :rofl: That was freaking hilarious! :rofl::rofl:

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That is an Australian actor who was in the movie “The Saphires” great movie!

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Kristen Wiig is known from several years on Saturday Night Live and this film, “Bridesmaids.”

She may be one of the most typically Liberal people in the comedy world, but she isn’t obnoxious about it, not that I have seen.

Terrifically funny film.

I will make a point to check it out, thanks for the recommendation, Doctor!


Yeah you will like it! “It’s A Great story! Based on a true story! Good clean fun too!

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Even the trailer made me smile/laugh.