Trump Gives $500B to Blacks - Screw Everyone Else

“We do not negotiate with terrorists.”

“Here’s $500 Billion for blacks, rights solely for blacks, and a new Federal holiday for blacks…please vote for me.”

Is this what winning was supposed to look like? Handouts based on race. MAGA.


I just checked Orbitz. A one way ticket to Nigeria is $1500. There are roughly 45,000,000 black Americans. We could send them all back for just $67.5 billion.

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Every time you see a boomer Republican getting his ass beat by a BLM member for wearing a Trump hat, I want you all to remember Trump tossing 500 billion at the very people beating his ass. I want you to remember him making it a national holiday to celebrate these people. I want you to remember that - and how weak this is.

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Yeah…not gonna line. This “platinum plan” is a bunch of shit.

I’m not in favor of this.

Not because they are black but because I disagree with singling out a race.

Also, remember when they lowered the requirements for mortgages? Dumb people got way in over their heads.

Access to money doesn’t mean the money is going to make a business succeed.


Every time I see thousands of black Republicans who condemn BLM and are voting for Trump and voting for the GOP I will remember that you and the OP are morons and imbeciles.

And by the way asshat, most of the fuckwads marching and destroying with BLM are white leftist bitches.


Trump is achieving what no other president has been able to achieve, a movement of blacks off of the democrat plantation and into the GOP ranks. That means VOTES! That means victories!

Most of the leftwing pieces of shit in America are white in case you dopes didn’t know it. BLM mobs are full of white idiots.

If you want to save America then pull your racist heads out of your racist asses and realize that it is the content of character that matters, not skin color.

I would gladly call Colonel Allen West a brother and I would gladly piss on white Joe Biden.



Now THAT I can agree with, down the road, when the dust settles, but right now winning is everything because our Republic is in grave danger.

Those black Republicans just got a hand out based on their skin color…which is fucking disgusting.

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We’re already winning without this.

The issue (IMO) in the majority of the black communities is culture.

How does this initiative impress upon black children the value of education and work ethic?

Perhaps the school choice may help but that should be universal.

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You want disgusting? Let Biden win.

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Are you so sure of that? I hope you are right, but I have to admit I am frightened. This truly is the election of all elections, and our Republic is truly in the gravest of danger. Nothing can be left to chance and I am not above buying votes if the alternative is a fascist socialist America.

I totally agree. There are deep deep problems there.

It does not. You are correct again. But as I said, we are staring over the precipice into an apocalyptic abyss and at this moment I am not above buying votes to prevent going over the cliff.


Trump is already President and we are seeing a whole lot of disgusting at the moment. This move was nothing but a high dollar handout rewarding BLM’s bad behavior. Fuck that.


Every election is going to be the election of all elections in the future. The socialists have been gaining in numbers for decades.

The left is going to vote for a pet rock over Trump so this initiative isn’t going to do anything to change that.

Blacks have already (pre-COVID) seen their unemployment rate drop to unprecedented numbers under Trump mainly due to the crack down on illegals who were taking jobs for pennies on the dollar.

The 1776 Initiative is a great start in public schools. It doesn’t cost anything.

I’m completely not a fan of a carrot/stick to buy minority votes. That is what the democrats do.

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I know three things:

First, Real Clear Politics which is no friend of Trump noted that 20 percent African-American support for Trump would all but dismantle the Democratic Party and its presidential hopes for 2020:


Second, recent polls and reports show huge gains in support among blacks. A while back Rasmussen had a poll that showed 36% approval, which was probably a little high. But more recent polls have it at that sweet 20% number:


THIRD: If this program solidifies all that and takes down the socialist Democrat pigs then that is fine with me.


I am not in disagreement with your posts at all, except for the detail that until November and until Trump has his second inauguration, any trick in the book is fine with me.

Singling out based on skin color is NOT okay with me.

If, for instance, there is difficulty for black entrepreneurs to get loans but they meet all of the requirements to qualify for a loan then that is what should be addressed. Not lowering of standards nor increasing available funds for a segment of the population while holding others to a different set of standards.

Same with home loans.

Business, education and life should be about the survival of the fittest (competition and earned). That way you get the best and the brightest as examples to emulate. Not lowering of standards so expectations are “I’m black so I get special considerations”.

It’s not one election away it’s already happening now.
And everything we see happening NOW is happening because it’s effective.

What conservatives are doing is not effective.

They do nothing but lose ground every year and pull stunts like this. Why would anyone listen to them or take them seriously at this point?

Pandering and giving handouts is not conservatism.

I think we covered that already, right?

I agree. But until Trump is inaugurated again I am okay with it.

No excuse here. Trump cucked. Trump just rewarded their riots with bribe money like a coward.

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He rewarded all those white rioters?