Trump Frees Stone

On Friday night—as Americans across the country continued protesting dangerous and divisive disparities in the criminal justice system—Donald Trump commuted the prison sentence of his longtime adviser Roger Stone, who was convicted of lying to Congress and witness tampering during the Trump-Russia investigation. “Roger Stone is now a free man,” the Trump White House declared.

Nothing worse than disparities in our criminal justice system.

He merely commuted the man’s sentence. Stone is still a convicted felon. He gave him no pardon.

Trump did nothing comparable to what Slick Willy and Obubba did before. The list of pardons for each of them is long. Slick Willy pardoned his brother. Obubba pardoned a traitor.

Trump kept a 67 year old man from going to prison where he might become infected with COVID-19. The governor of the shithole State of California released hundreds of criminals from prisons on the pretense of protecting them from the same virus.

The hypocrisy of the Democrats is not surprising…and the MSM salivates at the opportunity to parrot the Democrat talking points.


I believe it’s 1,700+ for Obama, 10 for Trump. Maybe 60+ for Clinton.

Then the Obama Administration squashed this: Black Panther Boss Who Got Off For Voter Intimidation Arrested

The Obama Justice Department let the New Black Panther Party off the hook for voter intimidation in a federal election but this week the radical group leader, King Samir Shabazz, who led that effort got busted on gun charges.

New York police spotted Shabazz wearing a bulletproof vest in Harlem, stopped him and discovered he was carrying a loaded and unlicensed gun, according to a newspaper report in Shabazz’s hometown of Philadelphia. He was jailed and slapped with charges of illegal gun possession and illegally wearing body armor. Now he could actually go to jail.

This is the same thug who says black people should create militias to exterminate whites, skin them alive, pour acid on them, sick pit bulls on them, bust their heads with rocks and even raid nurseries to “kill everything white in sight.” The same newspaper quotes the Black Panther leader, a Philly street preacher, on a black-power radio show: “I would love nothing more than to come home with a cracker’s head in my book bag.”

The news article points out that “such sentiment hasn’t gotten him arrested.” But Shabazz did get charged for violating federal law during the 2008 presidential election when he and his Black Panther posse blocked a polling station in Philadelphia, clad in paramilitary outfits and brandishing weapons. The Black Panthers intimidated voters as well as poll watchers by verbally threatening them, hurling profanities and racial epitaphs.

Under the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the Department of Justice (DOJ) brought a voter intimidation case against the Black Panthers, which have been labeled a hate group by a number of leftwing nonprofits for their anti-white and anti-Semitic rhetoric. For instance, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry, describes the Black Panthers as a “virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, ■■■■ and law enforcement officers.”-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not to worry, our liberals are keeping an eye on Stone.

Since when did it become illegal to wear a bullet proof vest? That one is news to me.

This is what I find astounding that while violent criminals are being let out of prison in NY they insist on putting a 67 year old “non” violent criminal with covid19 comorbidity issues in prison. Does that make any freaking sense at all, NO it doesn’t and it reeks of injustice and malice aforethought!

Hardly anything related to the Roger Stone saga passes the smell test.

  • surprise arrest in midnight hours using a SWAT team
  • TV crew with lighting and multiple cameras already set up at his home

He was definitely targeted for harassment in hopes he’d break down.

Oh yeah, the case against him was so weak that in any other part of the country he would have been acquitted in less than an hour by a jury or the case would have been dropped entirely.

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Clinton pardoned Marc Rich after an 800,000 payment was made to the DNP!

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Of the acts of clemency, 1715 were commutations (including 504 life sentences) and 212 were pardons. Most individuals granted executive clemency by Obama had been convicted on drug charges, and had received lengthy and sometimes mandatory sentences at the height of the war on drugs.

Look who else Clinton let loose!

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National Review has an interesting article on the subject of this pardon. Basically, it thinks badly of this pardon; but it also thinks badly of the Democrats who have opposed it.

Here is the entire article:

"President Trump has commuted the sentence of Roger Stone. The timing, late on Friday, suggests internal embarrassment over the move, and we wish there were more.

"The commutation is a move fully within the president’s powers and in keeping with the long-established pattern of presidents’ pardoning or commuting the sentences of associates caught up in special-counsel probes, although usually the associates aren’t as sleazy as Stone. We’re a long way from George H. W. Bush’s pardoning Cap Weinberger, the great Reagan-era defense official, who had been indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice in the Lawrence Walsh investigation.

"No one would think of letting Roger Stone anywhere near any serious responsibility, and even the Trump campaign in 2016 had the sense to keep him at arm’s length.

"The media and Democrats are incandescent with outrage over the commutation for someone they say covered up Trump’s treacherous dealings with Russia in 2016. But the indictment of Stone and subsequent trial definitively established that Stone had no inside knowledge of Russian hacking or WikiLeaks’s role in disseminating stolen DNC emails; instead, he tried to parlay media gossip and what he heard from an intermediary into a sense that he knew more than he did. Never before has an alleged spy been such a fatuous figure and ridiculous braggart.

"There is no doubt, though, that Stone was guilty of perjury and a laughably ham-handed attempt at witness tampering. He was justly convicted of these charges and deserved to go to jail; in our system of justice, self-parody is no defense.

"Attorney General Bill Barr reportedly opposed the commutation and was right to do so. The act of clemency is made worse by the fact that Stone repeatedly argued that he was owed it for his loyalty to the president.

"Again, there is no reason to believe that Stone actually knows more damaging information about Trump’s dealings with Russia. Mueller’s investigators interviewed, subpoenaed, and searched hundreds of witnesses and prosecuted a couple of dozen Russian operatives and entities, and concluded that the Russians neither got help nor were looking for help from the Trump campaign. Even if Stone’s talk of omerta is a pose, it is grotesque and alone makes him unworthy of clemency.

"(At least Trump didn’t pardon him, which means that his convictions still stand.)

"This isn’t to deny the excesses of Trump’s critics and the prosecutors. The focus on Stone as the linchpin of a great international conspiracy was always absurd, even though some people — including Andrew Weissman, the zealous Democratic prosecutor who had a large hand in running the Mueller probe — are still clinging to it today. The early-morning SWAT team raid on Stone’s home, somehow covered by a CNN crew, was a travesty.

“But Trump’s handling of the matter is indefensible. It is another indication of his perverse, highly personalized view of the criminal-justice system — and another reminder of the loathsome characters he’s surrounded himself with his entire adult life.”

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Trump cut some slack to 10 people. Obama over 1,700. The scum bags who intimidated voters were not even charged. The right to vote is sacred. There ain’t no unwashed tree dweller holdin a stick that would get away with that where I live.

The timing has nothing to do with embarrassment or trying to diminish the backlash from the Democrat Party and their sock-puppet, the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. The backlash would have come no matter when the commutation occurred.

Horse shit! Stone is exponentially less sleazy than Schiff, Nadler, Comey, Brennen, Clapper, Clinton (both of them), and a shipload of liberal assholes that lie daily to the American public.

Trump had no treacherous dealings with Russia.

No doubt he was found guilty and is today still a convicted felon. He will still proceed with his appeal to have that reversed. By the way, you can add that sleazy ass judge in his first trial to my list of sleazy bastards above…and the chairperson (an admitted Trump-hating bitch) of the jury.

Yet Trump is still accused of “treacherous dealings” with the Russians.

Definitely so. It was all done to exacerbate the negative press vomited by the FAKE NEWS MEDIA.

More horse shit! The hypocrisy of the left is spotlighted by their objection to keeping a 67 year old man guilty of a process crime out of prison and away from COVID-19 exposure juxtaposed with their cheering the communist Governor of California for releasing hundreds on hardened criminals from California prisons for the same excuse.

The article is basically unvarnished HORSE SHIT!

For openers, I quoted an article in National Review as saying that “The media and Democrats are incandescent with outrage over the commutation for someone they say covered up Trump’s treacherous dealings with Russia in 2016.” (Bold added)

Please do not suggest that I said (or even that National Review said) that Donald Trump had such dealings with Russia. That has clearly been shown to be untrue.

Secondly, I will certainly grant that “Schiff, Nadler, Comey, Brennen, Clapper, [and] Clinton (both of them)” amount to “a shipload of liberal assholes”; but they have not had their sentences commuted. (In fact, they have not even received prison sentences. Whether or not Hillary Clinton, at least, should have, is a subject for another thread.)

I will certainly agree that the judge in this case was a Trump hater; and that this may well have influenced her decision.

I will also agree that the crimes of which Roger Stone was convicted were mere process crimes. (But committing any crimes at all is not a good thing.)

Let me just say that I am emphatically not a part of the “either for or against” Donald Trump crowd–as regarding everything. I often support him, but occasionally oppose him.

I just do not think that it is intellectually sound to be a part of any camp–whether it is The Pro-Trump Camp or The Anti-Trump Camp.

Rather, I like to call balls and strikes as I see them–regardless of which “side” that may seem to put me with at the moment.

This is the same Never Trump crowd that always wants to play both sides of the same coin. These are the people Tucker Carlson is talking about.