Trump fights opioid crisis, targets Chinese fentanyl

Look up the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) that Congress passed in 1977 giving sweeping and broad powers to the Executive Branch to regulate international commerce after declaring a National emergency.

With China we have had the issue of deadly dog food and treats, the issue of deadly lead paint in toys and now it’s deadly Fentanyl so it’s about damned time that a POTUS used that power given by Congress over 40 years ago to protect the American people.

He has the right to do it and personally I”m wondering why previous Presidents haven’t used this tool against the unfair (and dangerous) trade practices of China.


To be fair we must ship Communist China all the seized Meth crack and oxycodonhydrochlorid our government can lay their hands on free of charge . Its what good trading partners do .

Don’t forget about the “Chinese Drywall” fiasco.

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What does that have to do with my comment about Trump’s order to US corporations manufacturing in China. Some of his own businesses manufacture there. He should lead the way…

It has everything to do with your comment about Trump’s order. Read it!!

The order he gave to US companies is a heads up of the possibility of declaring a national emergency under IEEPA, it’s also a warning to China who I’m sure know more about this USA legislation then Americans do.


You’re right, I forgot that one. Americans have been warned about so many Chinese made products it’s hard to keep up and remember them all. And the past 4 or 5 Presidents campaigned to fix the Chinese trade deficit and prevent the theft of our technology but none of them did a damned thing when they got in office, President Trump is the only one!

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We’ve already seen how they react when Trump follows the letter of the law using the pentagon resources and funds for border security. Plan on at least a 6-12 month long tantrum.

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You know Obama just ignored lower court Fed decisions against him and just kept trucking along lawlessly until a ruling against him from SCOTUS but by that time a lot of damage was done to our Republic now it has become almost a Democrat entitlement to disobey and ignore our laws.


You can’t create a crisis and then declare it an emergency. That dog won’t hunt. And even if you support him abusing his power in that manner, which had your knickers in a knot when you saw Obama doing it. Those companies are going to other SEA countries if they choose, and presently there’s several doing so, and Trump cant control that.

I was adding to your very well made point :+1:

It IS hard to keep track of all of the crap products they pass off into this country. Kripes, I bought a case of Tilapia but didn’t read the label until I got home. Farmed in China. Well, now guess what? I make it as emergency dog food when I run out of the good stuff. Ever read about how they “farm” fish? Uggg. :face_vomiting:

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Nope you can’t. But you can expose one by shining daylight under the rock the liberal cockroaches scurry under and watch them scatter when they get burned by what they hoped to keep buried in the dark and out of the public eye.


“Those companies are going to other SEA countries”
I hope they do and miss out on the greatest economic boom I world history !
A retooled American manufacturing base will stand the world on its head .

They’re doing what’s in their own best interest. As Trump’s idiotic trade war disrupts supply chains, they’re seeking the cheap labor of other SEA countries. THATS what’s happening.

Which will permanently harm China’s economy. The more the better.

Their best interest parted ways with Americas best interest when they decided to support Communist China and fuck America and the free world .

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Well I don’t know that American corporations were supporting communism as much as a quest for greater profits. Between Nixon’s opening up China to American business interests and the Clinton administration (I think) giving China MFNS, corporations have sought the greater profits to be made there.

So you’re saying Trump created the opioid crisis in this country? Probably since TDS sufferers blame him everything. :roll_eyes:

China is a major supplier of fentanyl funneled through Mexican cartels that come into the USA so I say “hell yeah” President Trump can declare an IEEPA emergency against China on that basis alone.

Be that as it may Communist China went from a third world nation into a equal on the world stage with America . That is treason in most country’s .

I don’t see the treason…:man_shrugging: