Trump ends with 34% total failure

Silly little boys talk just like you… in fact when you look up in the dictionary
“Silly little boys” there’s a picture of you…how true that is…if it wasn’t there
you wouldn’t exist…so I’m torn between whether you should be anywhere…

I pick no where!!!

I think you need to reread your post and edit it…it’s really stupid dumb…
where were you when they taught sentence construction and making sense huh

Oh boy!.. LOL! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Hey holepatrol I know you and dr manhole have a history together…
might I say a dirty filthy history doing unspeakable things no one
wants to hear about huh…,
How do you justify turning your life over to your God and at the
same time imbibe in the filthy shit you two do together huh…I bet
that’s a no answer…
And tell me does your God approve of you being in a political
party that lies all day long…are you saying that the retrumpliCONS
don’t lie…huh I’d love to hear your answer…cuz you say you turned
your life over to your God…I’d love know what your God teaches you
about lying…huh

Hey dr. manHOLEI heard you got that picture in your bathroom in front of your big mirror…I thought you’d have more hair…wheres your hands…huh one can only imagine ooo icky…

Hows your circle jerkers club doing I’ve been told that you just took in two baboons as members
cuz they have big asses…I think it’s a bad move for you to make…THEY ARE UNPREDICTABLE
I wouldn’t lit them near anyones dik you know…do you have liability insurance you better double it…
are you planning to get some tranie members…huh. well I let you go for now cuz I know it’s getting
time for your mid day ramble to get going…have fun boobie