Trump Booed at World Series

Looks like the red hatter wasn’t well received, and decided he’d not throw out the ceremonial pitch.

“LOCK HIM UP” Booed for once by people in red hats…:rofl:

Yet pedophiles get standing ovations and Oscars because of moron like you ! SMH :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

What else should we expect from a Washington DC crowd? All it takes is one screamer to get any “I hate Trump” message in the news.

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Yeah yeah yeah:

Well Jim, he wasn’t booed, and at least he went out and made the effort.

They were really cheering. Fake news dubbed in the boos.

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If this happened in Kansas City, or Phoenix, or another Midwestern city, I would say it’s a grim sign for Trump. This is in the very heart of the bureaucracy, so…

The new left has a code of ethics that is situational at best; remember when ‘Roid King’ Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s legitimate record and made a mockery of America’s pastime? The SF crowd gave him a two minute standing ovation.

Aaron congratulated Bonds instead of telling him ‘f*ck you, you goddam cheater’ - because Aaron is a gentleman.


The op links Fox News. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I heard cheers , some small sections were booing who cares

The media cares. This has been a pumped headline for days – pumped more than the whacking of the ISIS leader. And far too many people let the media lead them around by the nostrils. Many on this very board. The OP for this thread is an example.

TDS runs wide and deep in our society.


those who booed should have been ejected from the game and banned from mlb for life

Not at all, Trump getting booed by DC swamp dwellers is an affirmation he is on the right track implementing his agenda

Exactly! What do you expect from the DC area where TDS spreads like the BLOB to surrounding areas of Washington DC which is the swamp capitol of the country. I saw a clip & there really weren’t that many booing anyway in a SRO stadium that seats about 42 thousand people, but it does feed the TDS beast.

USA Government headquarters needs to be moved elsewhere in the country either smack dab in the middle of Kansas for instance. Or designate a remote mountain location fitted with housing and barracks where our Representatives and Senators can go 4 times a year to get the nations business done & then go back to their own States and Districts as the DC 24/7 lifestyle breeds corruption and it would be no more a burden on them as it is for our volunteer Military and National Guard personnel and their families.

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You actually get a discount on the subway system if you have a validated case of TDS. (Stage-4 or higher.)


You guys always hate freedom of speech/expression.

booing President Trump is not freedom, it’s disrespect close to treason.

Oh good gawd the mighty, presidents have been booed for decades. You just can’t stand that the red hatter isn’t loved by everyone, and worse, can’t understand why…:rofl:

Why do you hate him so much? Don’t you like a booming economy, record low unemployment for all citizens of race, color, creed, lower taxes, higher income (over 5 grand per year per household) deregulation, border security and border wall, prison reform, 2nd chance laws, right to try life saving medications, fair trade agreements, stronger military, just what the hell is it you hate about what he is doing to benefit the country?

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That’s like asking you why you hated Obama so much…


The SJW agenda is the primary agenda.

That overrides common sense, history and all other pertinent facts.

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