Trump believes Kim Jong Un had nothing to do with the death of an American

I have a few thoughts on this -

  • This is a political reason why Presidents shouldn’t negotiate directly with dictators. Obviously putting aside the questions of morality and recognition that arise from the contemplation of negotiating with evil people…if the determination is, it must be done, for purely political purposes, the POTUS should not do it directly.

If Trump had a surrogate negotiator, this question doesn’t tarnish the president directly. However it’s answered the Pres. can provide his own measured response in due time.

  • It’s so interesting that trump excuses some people - Putin - didn’t hack us. Kim - didn’t know anything about the student (and BTW, trump previously claimed Warbier was ‘tortured beyond belief’ by NK or some similar statement.) That SA prince - wasn’t involved in the murder of a journalist. All this despite our own intelligence assessments to teh contrary.

Meanwhile, he labels Americans all sorts of derogatory things, and accuses them of lying…

  • Why does he do this? Does he truly believe this? Or is he just so uncomfortable with confrontation, he can’t possibly say something bad about someone he just met? It strikes me as similar to the fact that he never actually fires someone himself, in a psychological way. It’s frankly a very weak trait.

It is a shame the talks broke down, and I applaud Trump for trying. But this comment I find deeply troubling.

No comments on this?

You think that public announcements by a POTUS about foreign affairs has any correlation -positive or negative - to truth?

OMG! :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure what you are suggesting -

Do you think Trump didn’t mean that? That in fact he DOES NOT take Kim at his word?

I think he said it because it was in the best interest of the future of the united states to say it.

Whether he believes it or not is irrelevant. If your head was not up the butt of the president, checking every fart and wiggle he makes, you would not be asking these questions as though you are looking for yet another ridiculous accusation and vilification to throw at your president.

Lib TDS example:

Trump shakes hands.
Oh… well we know know that the symbolism of shaking hands is another way of showing you are not armed. MY GOD …IS TRUMP DISARMING US NOW” AHHHHHHHHHHH :scream:

Not everything you libs want to discuss is worth discussing…specially when you run around with your hair on fire all the time.

How on earth could it be in our best interest to tell the world we believe a dictators lies?

I just can’t imagine how that would help us.

If anything, it emboldens Kim to murder another american.

Do you approve of Trump telling the world he believes Kim didn’t know anything about the murder of an american?

Side note: Why do you refer to me as ‘you libs’? Is this message board organized in a way that I am not away of? Are we supposed to register with one of two groups? Liberals or conservatives?

Thanks for your opinion. You should apply for a senior advisor slot in the white house.

So your opinion is Trump publicly believing the lies of a dictator is good for th country?


Banging your strawman again? Bet you need some KY by now.

If you were an honest lib you would have said this.
“So your opinion is that Trump thinks that it is in the best interest of America to publicly state that he believes Kim?”

Then I would have said “that’s right”.

There is no distinction between your sentence and mine.

So good - you believe that helps our nation.

Trump is being personable and knows the relative value of issues. Saying that he believes Kim puts Kim at ease and makes the peace negotiations easier.

The Otto Warmbier thing is trivial in comparison to having cordial relations with N. Korea. As bad as it may seem, forgiving N. Korea for Warmbier might be a good trade.

(And also remember that Warmbier was in N. Korea illegally, against State department explicit rules and warnings about safety. Warmbier shares some responsibility, he was not a kidnapped innocent.)

I know we haven’t seen an actual leader for many years, but there are lots of resources on the web that describe what a leader is. You might want to look them up some time - Trump ticks most of the boxes in the “strong leader” category.


We dont even know if Warmbeir was real.

Give him a break dude. You and your strawman seem to be joined at the hip.

Most people not infected with TDS know that Libs are led by leftist media agitation to believe the worst about Trump. Apparently some pranksters know this as well and also know that CNN is one of the leading liars. Gotta live this.

The pranksters know the simple mind of the lib.

Because OrangeManBad:rofl:
What limp biscuits libs are!

Surprise… more deflections…

Trump a leader?! WTF. He doesn’t display most of any leadership qualities. Let’s see

  1. Sincere enthusiasm- he might carry this trait… he seems to want to MAGA

  2. Integrity- hahahahaha somewho lies 8000+ times in 2 years can’t spell integrity

  3. Great communication skills - this could be subjective… he definitely isn’t a seasoned orator like Obama, Reagan or JFK… but he does know how to speak to his base. He is terrible at communicating with his leadership team… the pulling troops out of Syria disaster is an example of that

  4. Loyalty- hahahaha nope.

  5. Decisiveness- He makes decisions and doesn’t seem to have a problem doing it. Even if they are terrible more than half the time

  6. Managerial Competence- I don’t think so… although he makes decisions… he is more authoritarian with his leadership. It doesn’t seem like he listens to his leaders, based on reporting for his whole life.

  7. Empowerment- Nope. The fact that everything in the Trump organization went through him means he doesn’t empower his staff to make decisions on his behalf.

  8. Charisma- subjective

Not a deflection @Pragmatic

Compare my post with a quote from the article

Compare with a quote from the article.

“When Trump speaks glowingly of Kim Jong Un it’s a tactic,” an anonymous member of The Faction told The Hollywood Reporter. “Zucker and his journo-activists know this, but are more than willing to try to torpedo the summit — the future of the long-suffering North and South Korean people be damned.”

You see, you have been led to believe one thing…orangemanbad.Trump is way ahead of lib morons.

With so much torture & human rights violation in North Korea, even the Great Leader can’t stay on top of every atrocity. Give the man a break already. image