Trump: All congressional delegation travel needs White House approval during shutdown

What a madman! I bet Democrats are scrambling right now to find some random low level federal judge to put an injunction in to prevent Trump from asking them to submit their travel requests, followed by claims that the President is unhinged, and a need for a 25th Amendment inquiry and an extension of the Mueller investigation.


Ok I’m calling it now - Trump is going to invoke Article 2 Section 3.

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These two faced Democrats need to be held accountable. They sit back and say that President Trump is harming the American people and federal workers because of the Democrat Shutdown but then they turn around and try to waste OUR TAX DOLLARS to travel around the world. They don’t have the right to do that either. They aren’t supposed to be brokering deals with foreigners.

In the last shutdown I sent off a (probably never read) email suggesting that they reduce climate controls in Federal buildings in DC to levels only adequate to prevent burst pipes and other damages, as circumstantially appropriate.

They get paid during the shutdowns, the law doesn’t say anything about getting control of their thermostats.

Interesting, he might.


That he’s going to invoke Article 2 Section 3 to talk to Congress and American people. :wink:

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Not declaring a National Emergency, plan to stop the shutdown. Hmm…

Looks like he’s throwing the ball into the dems court. Lay out a reasonable plan everyone can agree to while getting the majority of his demands and making the dems look like obstructionists.

Let’s see if it works.

Wasn’t that already tried?

I think he is in a better position to do it right now.

Just MHO

Maybe, not sure why he’s still messing around with them at this point though. Time to end this bs.

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It is time to end this, but now, after the little Pelosi vacationing in Hawaii, the lobbyist trip by dems and now this failed trip by Pelosi and her cohorts, Trump can come out looking like he is the one working for a solution since he has stayed t the WH tworking the whole time while the dems just want to run away and continue to enjoy themselves on the taxpayers dime while flapping their lips about how much they care about the poor, poor little .gov workers during the shutdown.

He’s ended up with more leverage than he had before because dems were too stupid to check heir optics as they went about their normal screw the country over business.

Again,just MHO.

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Yeah, I think so. And the D’s didn’t respond, right? That’s what I remember.

Trump is going to have to come down from his number if his play is to shift the blame to the D’s. Maybe like 1.6B for generic security and 1B for his specific wall.

On that subject - he would be wise to draw up a SPECIFIC wall plan. Something in writing. wWith a real plan and budget, including addressing private property concerns etc…so that people understand what he is fighting for. Other than his supporters who are satisfied with 'Wall1" people - myself included - don’t really know what he’s asking for.

Hey…that just gave me an idea - he should ask for 1.6B for security and 1B - or 2B whatever… - for exploration and preliminary site work…or something like that…then that paints the Ds into a ‘they won’t even let me STUDY the wall’ corner…

I would totally agree with this if trump actually had something to show for his time in teh WH.

He made the right initial play, but didn’t follow up. Missed opportunity I think.