Trump administration rejects CA effort to obtain more funds to fight homelessness!

Carson’s letter pretty much says it all about not wanting to give away Tax payers dollars to shitholes like California due to the bad policies of Democratic leaders. Gavin Newsom is the worst and proving to be one of the states biggest fraudsters as elected Governor in the states history who is incapable at solving problems. I mean seriously just listen to this arrogant jerk talk and you will know what a phony loser sounds like. Time and time again is proving true that Democrats can’t solve problems and what is worse there are bigger losers who keep voting for these morons! Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, New York, all failing cities saddled with enormous debt that was due to failed democratic policies! The homeless issue which has reached crisis proportions is all due to Democrats unwillingness to do the jobs they were elected for and their failed policies. When are Democrats and their voting base going to finally hold themselves accountable? Never? Personally I think the Trump administration should not give one more cent to failed cities and states and allow them to fail until the become insolvent and a independent control board has to be instituted in order to take over the states finances.

Carson’s Letter is worth a million words!

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The homeless problem is their solution to more federal grants. As long as the problem exists, so does the money, not only from the feds, but various tech giants that commiefornia holds hostage, and selectively shames from time to time for the guilt bux.

The real victims here are its residents, especially the entrepreneurs that have to either put up with it or close their businesses.


Redistribution at its finest.

So, they create the homeless problem, welcome illegals and provide them with benefits and want the taxpayers to pay for a continuation of the same?

I’m glad Trump told them to clean up their act first and only then would any help come their way.


I think he’s actually trying to make people homeless in California. Just this week he signed a bill into law criminalizing freelancer work in California. Either the guy is a total moron or intentionally wants to put freelancers out of work. Freelancing has become a very large segment of the US economy, particularly in coastal cities.

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There is a real solution to that problem. Just set up a IBC company and make yourself an employee of that company! And there ain’t shit they can do about it! It costs about 1500 dollars to set up initially and a 1000 dollars per year as a annual fee to maintain. There are a lot of advantages to this in terms of taxation and it’s perfectly legal!