Triggered Feminists Think Feelings Are Facts

A group of triggered feminists could not back up their feelings with facts.

Also - how many times is this fat hippie going to say the word “literally”?


Even in nature, Feminazis have exactly the same negative effect…

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Feminists who are so concerned about female harassment and abuse, address the Muslim migrant rape problem in Europe or shut up.


Make reality objective again

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'You literally already know you are a racist" - provides nothing. I think these fat :taco: eaters should get doxxed. That would be nice.

They’re Easy To Spot Tho, Ain’t They ??
I Don’t Believe Men Are Their Problem


Yeah - looks like cheesesteaks are. I can’t stand loudmouth chubby bull dykes like that and nobody else can either. They know how disgusting they are which is why they travel in ugly packs like that. Zero confidence.

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They hate other women more than they hate men, especially good looking /smart ones who men like.