Transvestite Freak Kid ‘Desmond is Amazing’ Appears in Front of Painting With ‘Rohypnol’ Written On It

A new video has emerged showing ‘Desmond is Amazing’ – the 12-year-old “drag queen kid” – appearing in front of a poster with the word ‘Rohypnol’ written on it.**

In the video, Desmond appears alongside Michael Alig, a 53-year-old former club promoter who served 17 years in prison for manslaughter for killing his drug dealer and then chopping up his dead body.

Alig’s website features numerous other paintings, including one of a “glowing demon baby,” several that feature pills or packets of Rohypnol and another entitled “Michael’s cum on Hitler’s face.”

If you spank your kid in public you will get locked up and your kid will get thrown in foster care. This is fine though.

It’s a Romans 1:18-32 era here in the West.

Genderflux here. I view my own gender as something that isn’t static, but pulses and fluxes in all 3 dimensions throughout the day. Sometimes I can be several different genders at the same time, but I also sometimes lie about what gender I’m experiencing if it benefits me. Read up. Everyone is free to be who they are.

This is nothing short of horrific abuse being shoved right in our faces! That poor boy! Where are the guardians who are supposed to be protecting this child!?!?

Desmond’s MOM Is His Manager…
It’s Usually The Mothers

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Takes a lot of grooming and molestation to fuck a kid up this badly.