Transgender Woman Fired After Telling Conservative Activist to Leave Coffee Shop

I love stories like these, not because I wish for anyone to lose their job, but when things like this happen, it really falls on the individual acting in such a hateful way that bares the full consequences of their actions. This in essence is sending a message that the left with their continued vitriol and hate will do stupid things including not regarding their place of employment as their life source before acting irrational, that if they continue with such moronic behavior that this is what can happen.

It is a coffee shop. Her job it to serve the product and be polite to the customers so they come back; to help build the business and make a profit.

An employer’s premises is not the platform for political activism. I’m glad she got fired. I hope employers start showing zero tolerance for this kind of bad behavior.

I wasn’t expecting to see this insanity making its way all the way out to a wholesome place like Nebraska…but this mental disease is everywhere.

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his job…

Never use the terms they want.

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Maybe this IT? was having heat flashes and it upset the hormonal balance causing the outburst.

More like nitwit flashes…