Transgender Surgery Is the Lobotomy of the 21st Century

Excellent article that makes some really solid points about transgenderism being a metal illness. So why is government trying so hard to normalize this abnormality? BLM Shaun King claims to be black even though he is white and both his parents are white. Does that mean I can claim to be white even though I am Native American? Or I claim that I am grizzly trapped inside a human body therefore I am entitled to special treatment? Where does it end in this day of bizzaro world of identity politics all created within the frame of post modernism?

Here are some highlights of the article:

Psychology is a “science” that studies human behavior but is itself morally bankrupt. That is, psychology is unable to scientifically define normality. It can’t. “Normal” depends on what the society (through “norms”) or the patient views as morally correct.

This limitation of psychological study is apparent when addressing transgenderism, until recently labeled a mental illness (“gender dysphoria”) by psychology. Modern textbooks on transgender (and other paraphilic) disorders observe that they arise from “adverse childhood experiences” (ACEs): “Any event sufficiently stressful to threaten a fragile ego” ( Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing , 8th edition, Mary C. Townsend, 2015, p. 615). But here we face a conundrum: the textbook relates that such people are “unable to use coping mechanisms effectively” and become either “adaptive” (“urges are suppressed and not acted upon”) or “maladaptive” (“urges or behaviors cause significant distress or interfere with social, occupational or other important areas of functioning”). But if society alters its mores such that a person is rewarded for his paraphilic condition in self, occupation, or even a run for public office, then this textbook is reversed, and what was viewed as adaptive becomes toxic, and what was termed maladaptive is healthy.

Have you seen the Georgia laws for discrimination? You can’t discriminate against someone by who they are. I identify as a penguin, and this is me as a penguin. This isn’t a hood. This is my penguin head. You can’t tell me not to be a penguin, cause, I mean, I was born a penguin and honestly that’s against the law to discriminate and if you go through with this I will let the ACLU know and they will send their people[.]

At the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, we believe that all people, including children and teens, should be allowed to live their lives in their preferred gender. Gender identity is not a choice, and it cannot be changed through treatment[.] …*

We provide the full spectrum of care, from simple observation and guidance to hormone suppression and gender-affirming hormonal therapy for children of all ages[.] …*

We require that all our patients are in active mental health therapy as we feel this is a vital part of any gender exploration journey[.] …*

We can provide a referral to the reproductive endocrinology team at the UVM Medical Center to discuss fertility preservation options if it is desired by the patient and family, and if the patient is at pubertal age[.] …*

When the right time comes, planning for having children is a part of life. Like everyone else, a transgender person has choices. Once on pubertal suppressive treatment and/or gender affirming hormones, the likelihood of being able to have biological offspring decreases significantly or is not possible at all. It’s good to plan ahead.*


No child should be subjected to sex change surgery. They are too young to know how it will forever affect their lives. It should be mandated that it is not allowable until the age when they legally become an adult and can make the decision for themselves.

Actually, I’d like to see the age be mandated at 25 when the brain is fully developed.

I personally believe anyone who allows this is sick and unfit to be a parent.

I agree! So why aren’t more activists who share similar positions as you out there protesting this? I mean it is slowly being allowed and nothing is being done right?

I suspect it will take a situation where one parent fights it in court and finds the financial support, attorneys who are willing to take the case with no fees, etc. to appeal or fight appeals until winning.

That answer doesn’t satisfy my burning question regarding parents themselves who are encouraging their children to make these decisions. Isn’t that akin to Child Abuse and therefore parents in general should be protesting the government to outlawing this current behavior as being a societal social norm as being acceptable? What about the public schools inserting this into the curriculum as being normal and acceptable? This is getting out of control and it needs to be addressed.

IMO anyone who encourages this for a child is mentally disturbed.

People are getting fed up with it. It is just going to take something sensational to polarize people.

We’ve yet to see the negative effects as this is a relatively new phenomenon. In ten to 15 years we are going to see many victims speaking out of the horrors and opportunities they’ve been robbed of. That is if they live that long. I’d think most would check out in their teens.

The sad part about your statement is that society always waits to see what happens, and then it is too late. How many lives are going to be destroyed in the meantime because of this mental illness? Its almost parallel to the current drug epidemic where hundreds, thousands of lives are lost and we are now just starting to talk about it. American and western society is doomed as it is always too late when a problem needs to be addressed, and yes I see this as a problem!