Transcript of Hope Hicks Testimony Is Out! They're Wasting Our Tax Dollars!

Democrats think it’s obstruction of justice for the President to assert executive privilege so they now want to end the privilege. That was made clear by comments Democrats made after yesterday’s hearing with Hope Hicks.

Ms. Hicks was grilled for hours at the House “Intelligence” Committee. The former White House Communications Director testified behind closed doors. It is costing her a lot of money, but these Democrats don’t care.

Devin Nunes, who is not a member of the committee, said his sources told him the old, pervy congressmen essentially asked about her love life.

You can read the full transcript here. (273 pages)

Here is an interesting excerpt from page 72.

Ranking Member Doug Collins had noticed the Democrat Lieu was live tweeting information being spoken in the hearing.

Collins interrupted the proceedings with this:

Mr. Collins. Could I just – I apologize, and I know we talked about this before. And we’ll stop the clock, we’ll give you a full hour. But it’s also been discussed in here that this was – and the chairman made a great elaborate statement as we started this about being confidential and keeping that through the day. But Mr. Lieu is live-tweeting this. So I mean, if he’s willing to break his own chairman, I want it noted for the record that the Member of the Democratic Party in this committee is live-tweeting what his own chairman had asked him to keep confidential. Now, if this is the way we want to play it, we’ve now proven that this is nothing but a political stunt. It is a press avail opportunity. And if Mr. Lieu would like to go outside and testify to the press, that’s fine. But simply doing this like it is, it’s a mockery. And I don’t care what the answer will be. This was not what the chairman had said at the outset. And unless there was a meeting for a dramatic reading of what the chairman said, this is ridiculous.


Mr. Lieu. I’ve been live-tweeting their objections because they are so absurd.

Mr. Collins. Did you have trouble understanding the chairman?

Mr. Lieu. The objections –

Mr. Collins. Did you have trouble understanding your chairman?

Mr. Lieu. [Inaudible.]

Mr. Collins. Did you have any trouble with your chairman?

Mr. Neguse. Mr. Chairman, this is the majority’s hour.

Mr. Collins. And I said stop the clock.

Mr. Neguse. The ranking member’s objection has been noted. I think at this point, start back the clock, Mr. Eisen can proceed

Nadler’s Circus Clowns never fail to entertain! :clown_face:

I don’t understand why Hicks wasn’t sworn in so her testimony would be under oath. Without it, the was nothing more than an exercise in futility and a colossal waste of time. Come on! COME ON!

Tom Liu? The same guy who got ripped a new one from Candice Owens? That Tom Liu? That guy needs a good tar and feather!

On introduction, he said,

He’s a Demo Representative from Clusterf**k, California.