Trans MMA fighter enjoyed fracturing biological woman's skull called it bliss

Controversial male-to-female transgender Mixed Martial Arts fighter Fallon Fox ignited a social media firestorm when addressing transphobes, remembering the “bliss” she felt when knocking out two women and breaking one of their skulls.

Awww is’t that a shame men are taking over woman’s sports.

This person didn’t even let the women she was fighting know she was born a men surly that’s some type of crime

You appear to be pleased with this story. Are you?

Who cares…they submitted themselves to the woke mob and now this is what they get.

When the left eat themselves alive yep this is great to see. When those leftist pos had the nerve to call ppl their gawd dam " phobe" bs-------- it got old real fast. Homaphoe— muslimphobe whatever the hell those morons can attach " phobe" to they will.

It’s been in plain view t’s starts in the schools.


It’s Indoctrination from schools to TV- MUSIC-- MOVIES


When the stupidty begs for their own enslavemet and has no idea t’s happening nor taking place right before them.


So, you try to answer my question with unrelated bullshit.

I asked you if you were pleased that the male competitor in a female sport broke the bones of his female competitor.

It’s a fuckin’ yes-or-no question that has nothing to do with:

It has to do with a biological male who would likely have his own bones broken in all-male MMA fighting “changing his gender” so he can fight against biological females instead…and you seem pleased to see this muscle-bound-chick-with-a-dick break a girl’s bones.

Do you approve of such?

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I don’t! It’s sick as fk and it shouldn’t be allowed. Do you see transgendered men competing in Men’s sports? Nope! Transgenderism is a mental illness! Unfortunately it will probably take someone getting killed before legislative action is implemented to institute an overall ban for all sports! Reminds me how scared Ben Shapiro was when threatened by a transgender on a talk show! Let them have their own gking freak Olympics!


Metal illness!

While I appreciate your response, I want an answer from the joker that uses an image of Obama made up as The Joker for his/her avatar.

Good luck with that one’ :rofl:

Maybe he/she is transgender. Makes me wonder if it’s a he-she or a she-he.

Either way. it’s fucked up in the head.