Traitorous NY Assembly Passes Bill Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Obtain Driver’s Licenses

…and Central Americans speeding down the highway all liquored up.

That doesnt’ include operating a licensed motor vehicle on a regulated road or highway.

US citizens do that too.

It is a federal crime, for each individual instance, to aid, abet, entice, encourage, or harbor any illegal. The penalties start with a fine plus a year prison for one offence… And they increase exponentially for multiple infractions.

This driver’s license insanity clearly violates all of them., aiding, abetting, enticing, encouraging and harboring.

If we were in a serious country, the feds would allow 200 illegal licenses to be given out, and then charge every state elected official that voted for this, their staffs, the governor who signed it, his staff… Charge each of them with 200 counts. Give each of them 50 years in prison.

Believe me, if a state legislature was passing law counter to clownworld… Say a state legislature made slavery of blacks legal again, every federal asset would roll right in.

In clownworld, the federal law is already very clear…just not enforced.

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Then why have the feds done nothing as one at a time, 13 states, Puerto Rico and Washington DC of all places have extended this level of legalization to otherwise illegal immigrants…? :man_shrugging:

Well sure, that’s because America is in progression, not regression. And it’s going to leave the resistors behind…

Only one of those two classes of people has any right to be in the US to begin with.

It isn’t the illegals.

Mostly because it was done during the Obama Admnistration and secondarily because we have bigger problems.

If you boat has been torpedoed you don’t worry about re stenciling the lettering as a top priority, you fix the holes in the hull.

Speaking as an expert on the behavior of illegals, here is what they do

  • Do not have a license
  • Drive at double the legal limit+
  • When you get pulled over just go to jail for a day
  • Your nonwhite ethnic community pulls together to get the car out of the impound lot
  • Resume driving your car
  • Don’t show up for court
  • It doesn’t matter lol they aren’t going to come get you
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Yep that’s the way it’s been and will continue to be…

Man that guy not only is butt ugly, but he looks like a evil Mobster!

And that means we want more of that?

Well, the feds seem not to have their knickers in a knot over it the way the Trumpers do…:wink:

I believe every word

I don’t think that is the point.

Why add extra strain to law enforcement for people who have no right to be here? Why is a state moving to legitimize their presence when they have no legal right to do so?

These politicians deserve prison, not a pat on the back.

That’s to the point I made earlier. Why are growing numbers of states (and the District of Columbia) legitimizing the presence of the undocumented and the feds do nothing? Because nobody cares and the presence of these people is indispensable to our economy. Thirteen states now, wonder who will be next?

I’m neither calling for their imprisonment nor patting them on the back, as I’m indifferent to it. I’m just pointing out the inevitability’s of GLOBALIZATION…:man_shrugging:

As someone who was a LEGAL immigrant to the United States and is now a citizen and small business owner, I find your position to be unacceptable.

If I were to break any laws or overstay my visa as someone who was following the laws on immigration, I would have been subject to fines, imprisonment, and deportation. There are millions of lawful immigrants contributing to society and following the rules - but it is the illegal that gets rewarded. It is the illegal that gets praised. It’s the illegal that gets benefits handed to them on a silver platter that they contributed nothing to. How any American celebrates these criminals is beyond my comprehension. It is shameful.

As someone who owns a general contracting business that relies on manual labor, I only hire Americans. I have only ever hired Americans. My competition hires illegals. Their customers eventually find their way to me when they need sloppy work corrected. Your argument that we need illegals is a phony one. We do not. That is a corporatist argument and it is ruining the country.

Show a little pride in your homeland.


I have no position as I said, I’m indifferent about the issue. I am merely pointing out the inevitability of globalization…:man_shrugging:

And little to nothing is ever done about that, and I’ve told you why, the cheap labor of undocumented workers is indispensable to the US economy and no administration is going to do anything about that or the states that are legitimizing them with drivers licenses. This is globalization and it’s much bigger than you and I.