Tories Found to be in Contempt of Parliament



So what does happen now? Apparently there will now be full disclosure which would certainly be a can of worms they are desperate to hide from us.

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No wonder May didn’t want to lift the lid on this agreement… Likely even closer inspection will revial that Britain could never leave the EU… Allowing for a split between Northern Ireland and the rest of GB should see her booted out on her ass…

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This is Germany punishing us for winning the war. Now they’re pillaging us - NI, Gibraltar… they would go after the Falklands too if they could think of an excuse or blackmail.

I like to keep up on UK news and general goings-on, but this wind-out of what looks like a Non-exiting-Brexit is so much of a fan-dance that it’s difficult to follow.

I was pleased to see the homeland of my ancestors vote to throw the self imposed chains of the EU off. Leftists utopias never work out for anyone but the politicians and thier rich supporters.

If the UK move in parallel to the current goings on in France, perhaps the globalists can be slowed in Europe. To stop them will take much more.

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