Topics That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread


I’ve noticed quite a few topics lately that are really not worthy of a whole lot of discussion. I think there are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. LAZY OPs: I get that people like starting their own threads but there is nothing worse than opening up a thread and seeing that a lazy OP didn’t bother to write a summary, capture the highlights, or even provide their own independent thought and analysis. When someone just drops a link with very little context why should I or anybody else spend the time working on a post to respond if OP couldn’t make the time to start a quality thread? I think we should put all of these in a category or even in a topic that is simply Topics That Don’t Deserve Their Own Threads (TTDTOT). I think this will solve the lazy OP problem and allow people just to drop crappy links or provide very little feedback or context to something. That way people who want to respond can but they can also be lazy in their responses. I don’t see a whole lot of value in littering the place with threads made by totally lazy people.

  2. OPEN GENERAL THREADS: how many topics do we really need about some idiot Muslim somewhere raping somebody or some Basketball American getting offended or stealing something. Similar to the TTDOT concept that I laid out above, why don’t we have a couple big open general threads that capture all of these different stories and topics all in one place? I think this will help a lot of the lazy OPs to categorize things right and still make a really lazy post without needing to start an entire thread.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there because scrolling through some of the threads lately there’s been a noticeable trend from several OPs who are consistently creating low quality threads which often bury the higher quality threads. In the future I think it would be really great to have really strict formatting guidelines where if someone doesn’t some work into starting a thread then it gets dumped in one of the two areas mentioned above.

I’d be interested in hearing everyone’s feedback.


I fully support this! I also want people to stop uploading low quality images and memes. It’s not hard to find a high-quality version of whatever you’re posting. The minimum width should be 690 pixels (that’s the size of the box that your post gets displayed in). If you are close to 690 you can actually just use a little bit of basic math when you upload your image and up convert it to 690 pixels by whatever, manually. Just type in the image size and that’s it.

Nobody wants to look at grainy images and low resolution memes. It’s just garbage littered in a beautiful space. Meme responsibly.

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I think these are two awesome ideas. It puts a lot more work on the moderators if people just ignore the open general threads and the TTDOT thread, but maybe that’s a way to sanction lazy OPs?

I also think if someone is just going to reply to a thread to call it BS, or call the OP or anyone else a liar without backing it up, it should result in an instant ban. I think we all know who I’m talking about.

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Lazy OPs are a plague everywhere they roam.

This is a good idea too because sometimes I just want to drop a link to something interesting but don’t want to take the time to make a whole thread. The only problem I can see with this is that it would probably get really disorganized fast. I don’t know if anyone cares about that though.

What you recommend here is a really good approach to ensure that conversations stay in the same place and that shills don’t bury quality threads with a bunch of meaningless ones.

I personally don’t like trying to update myself on a topic only to read arguments.

I find that frustrating. If someone makes it personal, then you probably should refrain from responding.

People who make it personal call themselves out. Responding to it makes you no better.

Just my 2 cents :wink:

Heh. But then again, it CAN be entertaining :joy:

Whenever I see an OP with just a link or a video without comment nor even how long it will be, I simply ignore them. Sorted! :sunglasses: My only criticism is that hardly nobody engages with me. Those who do I’d rather they didn’t! No names, no packdrill but D_M and TWR know who I’m talking about!! :smile:

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No, that way conversational chaos would ensue. There’s quite enough thread derailing/topic drift as it is

Paul Harvey called it “For what it’s worth.”
I guess it takes someone like Paul Harvey to make such lines funny and enjoyable.

Sometimes the title of the link, the headline so to speak…is comment enough.

What’s stupid to me is posting a link and then quoting the entire article right under it.

Waste of space and memory storage.

All who are too goddamned lazy to open a link and read it should suffer for it.

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We do that so people don’t have to click out of the site or give revenue to big media. If you click on their site and read an article then you are paying them by viewing their ad traffic.

I hate when people quote an entire like the response just to give a short answer. All people have to do is reply directly to the post.

I agree with that; I often use the headline as the thread title, then maybe a copied paragraph or two from the thrust of the story to grab the attention of readers. Then I add my own comment and hope others will add theirs to make an interesting whole.

I want to see #Entertainment:page-3 on the front page.

The reverse side of it is when a guy opens a thread on a timely issue, and thinks he has more say on the matter than anyone else.

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I guess I’m not following what you mean @Didgevillage

What he is trying to say is directed at me because he is mad whenever I criticise him for purposely trying to derail the threads I create by inserting his bullshit conspiracy anti ■■■■■■ theories when it has nothing to do with the thread topic. He does it all the time and it is rather annoying. He very rarely can carry on a normal conversation with anyone here that is factually based without having to insert something that is totally FABRICATED on his part to make a point!

On this main threads point, go visit one of the most recent thread topics he created and you will see what you shouldn’t do when creating a post, something the moderators had to point out to him on several occasions to correct.

Here is a good example: