Top Concealed-Carry .45 caliber pistols

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I recently was checking out that Walther PPQ, interesting piece!

If I had to choose, its the Glock 30 Gen. One of the most reliable guns. Smith&Wesson is probably my second.

I have 3 Glocks.

I have zero! I have a H&K 45, and Barretta 9mm.

The Glocks I have tried feel pretty light and fire pretty rapidly. I read nothing but good things about their reliability. I guess it will be my next purchase and like that 45.

I have:

  • G42 .380 Auto
  • G27 Gen 4 .40
  • G17 Gen 5 9x19

The G42 is the only one I know of that’s made in America.
The G17 holds 17+1 rounds.

I have a Firestar Ring Hammer .45 for a good 25 years. Never ever a hiccup. Locks up as tight as a bulls ass. I will say, for such a small .45, it’s a bit heavy. Grip slightly small for my hand; but an extended mag took care of that. I have a quirk about having to see the hammer. Take it down in 5 or 6 seconds. No tools.

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