Top 5 Reasons To Stop Using Discord

  • 1. Discord is a leftist tech start-up - they hate conservatives.

  • 2. Your communications on Discord CAN and WILL be used against you - stop acting surprised when this happens.

  • 3. Discord logs your IP address, device, and other information that can be turned over to groups like the SPLC to find you and smear you - Discord will dox you.

  • 4. If you are using Discord to politically organize, you might as well be using the official live chat platform of the DNC. Stop doing this. Only use sites that are known to be run by conservatives.

  • 5. By continuing to use Discord you are rewarding the bad behavior of screeching leftists over and over again. You are setting yourself up for failure and bringing the rest of us down with you.

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Anyone still using Discord is an idiot. That means there are a few million idiots out there right now who think they are with us but are really just giving SJWs way too much information about various views and causes. It’s probably the most successful leftist data mining operation ever created. Soyboys in pic related run Discord.