Top 10 Guns You Should Get Right Now

Some really good suggestions in this video if you are looking for alternatives due to being shortages on a lot of guns right now! This guy who knows his stuff and is pretty personable if you should have any questions, he will answer them too.

Top 10 Guns You Should Get Right Now

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Idk what’s going on out there. I guess there’s a 9mm shortage? Sad.

Guns too! This guy gives solid suggestions with reasonable prices for Guns still available! The best option IMO is 10mm because there is plenty of ammo for those types. 9mm is the most common hence the fact there currently is a shortage for that!

Get them now! Stock up on as many as you can! It will be so worth it when all you crybabies hand them right over. The more you have the saltier you will be!

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I like the idea of a .357 rifle. Even if lever action, that could work! I wonder what the velocity increase is vs. a pistol.
My S&W is a very good shooter. I realize not all are, but I am happy with how mine does.

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The Lever action is making a comeback and is popular more than ever.