Tomorrow Pearl Harbor Day

Just a reminder that tomorrow Dec. 7th is Pearl Harbor Day. This seems to be a forgotten tragic day defining a shift in geopolitics. Not forgotten by me!


Why did America shut down japans ability to get oil?

It was sanctions for the invasion and mass murder of Chinese, Strange,but tin and scap steel was exempted…

Get ready for the next one because its a comin!

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This seems appropriate

It was crippling Japan, it was an attack, Japan said they would attack… we should have stayed out of that war, let them fight them selves.

not a bad idea…too bad for the Japs!

LMAO!!! He forgot about Muslims and bung hole engineers!

And if dipshit dems keep screwing around we may see the Chinese and Russians droping bombs here too . FUCK Taiwan .

We are no longer America we are the world UN we have no borders

Roosevelt knew the Japanese were coming, and put all the blame on Kimmel, a German American.

WWII was planned years, even decades, before its execution.

Call it a conspiracy theory, but that’s what it was.

Pearl Harbor was probably selected with this in mind,as the water depth was to shallow.The war game in rhe early 30s showed how vulnerable Pearl Harbor was. AHH,but the power the government press!!!

But China controls the UN .