Tommy Robinson Supporters Force Police to Retreat

I saw this coming. Tommy Robinson has far more supporters than the politicians and the UK MSM believed. By putting Tommy in prison, they did the equivalent of poking a stick into the hornets nest.

It is sad it has come to this. I don’t like violence but when people are being oppressed and suppressed this is the result…people with eventually retaliate.

So used to watching soyfat low T Antifa protesters seeing actual men protest is quite the difference.

If he dies in prison it all comes crashing down.

The cops need to turn around and stand with their people. I think they will sooner or later.

The judge in the Robinson case should be charged and sentenced. Imagine a day where some miscreant can suppress the existence of rape gangs in your town! The people are the highest authority, and the judge is ultimately employed at the pleasure of these people. By preventing people from knowing the dangers that exist toward their children, the judge is deliberately placing those children in harm’s way. That is a crime! He/she has no right to do this. That is the bigger problem with the UK. The second biggest problem is a citizenry that allows it to happen!

When your government no longer represents the people of your country you have a moral obligation to cast it off and start anew.

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He’s being silenced in the name of social engineering.

There are paedophiles in all walks of life, including the church (as we all know) and the judiciary, and it’s much more prevalent throughout all levels in between than we dare to believe. What does the religious text say - ‘Suffer, little children, to come unto me.’? I mean, the sheer hypocrisy of that from, of all quarters, the church? Paedophilia is the ultimate crime against humanity, because it’s the exploitation of the strongest against the weakest. Paedophiles should be exterminated with extreme prejudice.