Tommy Robinson Released From Prison. Live Video

Tommy Robinson has been released from Britain’s maximum security jail after a nine-week sentence that arose from him filming the faces of rape gang suspects outside of court.

The former English Defence League leader turned citizen journalist and anti-child rape activist was pictured leaving HMP Belmarsh prison Friday morning, sporting a beard and long hair from his time behind bars. Laughing with Ezra Levant, a Canadian journalist who has allied himself closely to Mr Robinson, the street organiser joked his first stop after prison would be for a haircut because his newly grown ginger-streaked beard made him look like a “little cowardly convert” to Islam.

Sparring with journalists from the British Daily Mirror newspaper which had turned up to photograph him on release, Mr Robinson said: “you read their lies, the Daily Mirror lied saying I was attacked in this prison, you made up an entire story.

“You’re a part of the propaganda being pushed out. My only message to them is you’re a disgrace and an embarrassment, if this happened in Hong Kong, Russia, China, you’d be up in arms but because I talk about Islam you’re silent. You are all complicit in the attack on free speech that we are witnessing. You’re all complicit in what’s happening to our country, all the media are.”

Mr Robinson also had words for the government, saying: “This should be an embarrassment for the British government, for the judiciary… [the judge said] it was unintentional, had zero effect on a trial would result in a journalist being put in prison, spending two and a half months in HMP Onley [and nine weeks at HMP Belmarsh].”


I really do hope he’s converted to Islam. Imagine his neanderthal followers scratching their heads trying to work out if they should convert too…priceless

He’d better be careful. Attacking the media and calling them out is apparently an arrestable offense in the UK.

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Fantastic news! I hope they don’t decide to do this again. Sad thing is, the pedophiles he was doing his reporting on probably got out earlier.

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I get that he brings attention to important issues…but the guy is a grifter. He will say anything so long as it keeps him from having to work a regular job and keeps the cameras on him.

Hero of the people, victimised by the British State for telling the truth about Muslim mass-child-rape-gangs.

Right. So much for providing an honest commentary, only that you want to vent your dislike for people who don’t support your retarded political views! Nice job!

I disagree. He is a journalist who does important work and he believes in what he does even if that means going to jail. Please do get a clue!