Tommy Robinson arrested again

Last weekend a female Christian (Hatun) that preaches at speakers corner which is the UK home of free speech was slapped in the face for showing a picture of Muhammad she has been assaulted numerous times and this time she received support from Tommy Robinson who arrange an event to show Hatun support which led to Tommy Robinson being arrested with a herd of Muslims telling him that he should suck his mother

It’s quite clear that it’s easier for the metropolitan police decided to arrest Tommy Robinson for breach of the peace for being present at speakers corner than it is to arrest the hordes of Muslims who are clearly breaching peace

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Do you have a link???

I can’t really send links on my current device but if you type Tommy Robinson into Twitter you’ll be able to see him being arrested and led away in two separate videos. Also the usual suspects will have videos on YouTube soco films and contents over everything will definitely releasing a good videos

Here ya go mate.


Normally the metropolitan police that I have said numerous times are corrupt would arrest someone like Tommy for breach of the peace they’ve now used coronavirus relations as reason for his arrest I watch speakers corner regularly and the Muslims or Christians or the atheists have not been using social distancing measures whilst having the conversations at speakers corner and that has been going for months and no one has been arrested

Have a look at Twitter French Embassy is trending in the UK and people are finally making a connection why is it that Muslims are allowed to protest outside the French Embassy on Friday without using social distancing but Tommy Robinson was arrested for a similar thing on the Sunday