Tommy Robinson and the milkshake

  • Tommy Robinson, 36, was out campaigning in Warrington, Cheshire today
  • The former English Defence League member has hopes to become an MEP
  • Video footage shows him engaged in a heated discussion about an altercation
  • But just moments into the video, he is covered in a milkshake from McDonald’s
  • He appears to hit back at the man responsible, launching several punches
  • Cheshire Police has said it is aware of an allegation of assault and is investigating

This is a top comment and it’s sums it up for me (I am not a supporter of EDL but why has it become acceptable to abuse people in this way? If another leader of a different group with views as strong as him but opposite was attacked … it would be deemed unacceptable)

It was fine for the Labour deputy Prime Minister to retaliate with a punch at an egg thrower. (John Prescott)

Are they looking at Tommy Robinson as being the person to potentially be charged for the crime? If that’s the case then I guess everyone in the UK is free to walk around throwing milkshakes on high profile strangers when they are busy talking to someone else.

Muslims on Twitter are enjoying themselves with this video.

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As an American, I think I can confidently say that if this was any other candidate the media would be all over this and police would be making an arrest instead they celebrate and congratulate the law breaking low IQ violent thug…sad.

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Shocking? In what world is it “shocking” that one man punches another who poured milkshake on him? Oh, clown world!

Honk Honk

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It was a “shocking moment” because a White man fought back against being de-humanized by the ■■■■■ foot soldiers.

What an absolute shit show. The genie is out of the bottle and you can’t put it back.

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I think the milkshake thrower got the reaction he was after and made Tommy look a thug. Unfortunately in his position, I don’t think Tommy should have retaliated. Too predictable and damaging for him.

Doesn’t take much for Stephen to look like a thug, he has a pretty long record of violence and of course the odd bit of fraud.

He hasn’t changed much since taking a swing at his girlfriend.

If someone threw a milkshake over me, I’d bloody hit them. But I am not in the public eye and wanting to run for office.

someone threw a egg at Jeremy Corbyn recently I believe they received 30 days in jail which I think is about right throwing things at people running for a political role is completely unacceptable I personally dislike Jeremy Corbyn but understand throwing things at him is unacceptable

also the police lead this guy away to safety and a another thing to think about is the far left are always say words can be violent but the some people are celebrate this which if you think words are violent then this is definitely violence’s the guy is lucky on onw presumed it was a acid attack and responded by sticking their fingers in his eyes

Wasn’t even the only scuffle Stephen got in this week.

He might be enjoying a good level of success playing his current character, but Stephen is still Stephen underneath it all.

A thug and a fraud. Making good money though, even if most of it is going straight up his nose.

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he has a pretty long record of violence and of course the odd bit of fraud.

who doesn’t have a bit of violence on their record only soy boys don’t and fraud is for money and it was over a mortgage he was not robbing old women

He hasn’t changed much since taking a swing at his girlfriend.

his girlfriend has since apologise for letting her silly little face get in the way of Tommy fist when he is on a cocaine and steller binge

all jokes aside the attacks on Tommy history are getting old can you counter any of Tommy points with a actual argument or will you just try to character assassination him like a soy boy without a violent history like a real men

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in this incident a big guy is standing in Tommy group way in a symbolic attempt to show his resistance and how Tommy will have to move around him but Danny Tommo in his infinite wisdom was like no mate here is a shoulder barge you big div and than the big guy with his back up of screeching women is knocked to the floor hilarious these middle class toffs have been running running wild over the last few year and need to meet some working class men to be reminded that they don’t even know how to fight never mind defend themselves in a fight

here is a introduction to Danny his not the sharpest tool in the box

You’re rather limp wristed, aren’t you? Are you also a Muslim paedo sympathiser? You know what Muslims do to your type (hint: tall buildings).

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Not the sharpest tool in the box is understating things a tad :laughing:.

I’d forgotten about his kidnapping charges though! Quite the crowd Stephen runs with.

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:laughing:, nah I don’t swing that way. But they do execute the odd atheist too so i’m not entirely in safe waters.

I’m not a sympathiser, i’m just not looking to blame every ill and misdoing on foreigners or minorities. You do you though.

I do know a fraud when I see one though. And Stephen has quite the successful con going on.