To Avoid Plagerism Please Remember to use the "Quote" Function. ""

Just a friendly reminder when making posts on this site always try to avoid plagiarizing other people’s written work; always make sure you are using the quote function on this site. Why this is important is it opens this site up to problematic legal issues if caught and so it is advisable to always use the quote functions if what you are posting is not in your own written words and you are trying to take credit for it.

Here is an example.


Good writing is also an essential component of any successful post. A well-written post will be engaging and informative, providing readers with valuable information that they can use. Conversely, a poorly written post will quickly lose readers’ interest and could even lead to the post being removed from the site. Simply dropping a link with no context, opinion, or synopsis is the equivalent of spam in my view, and will be deleted.


I am bumping this thread for awareness.

Threads that are created without any effort will be deleted or unlisted. Low quality and low effort threads do nothing to increase engagement or visits to the site.


This impersonation duplicate account was made by poster Jitss617. I have the original screen shots with dates just in case and when he changed the names on the account as well as other screen shots to prove that it is the same person.

Holy melt down batman lol

Yeah its you! If moderators go back and look at the logs they will come to the same conclusion!

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Please address this poster. He is obviously abusing the rules here. Impersonating fictitious accounts, Changing other peoples posts, and harassing people here by sending them personal antagonistic messages, derailing threads with name calling, etc.[1]

Can you point to some abuse? All we see is you attacking other posters …

Ever think of being more nice to garner a nice response?

Glad you asked.

Me and RW were having a discussion and you came into the thread already throwing out barbs to instigate more crap!