Time to Leave Western Civilisations Behind! Come and Get Some Lefties

This is the place leftist have been wanting to bring ! Can’t really summate it better than what this brilliant article articulates!



That was a pretty based article. It certainly called out all of the great things that have been invented and sustained by white people in no uncertain terms.

Yet, when those of us here do the exact same thing we get called Nazis. Why is that?

You are aware that was a satire piece, right?

Indeed. The point was made, nonetheless. I guess cucks who are afraid to come right out and say it need to use satire. That’s fine. Baby steps. It’s not a secret that white people created Western Civilization.

To answer your question, don’t base such arguments targeting ■■■■ all the time. When you do that you invite such monikers! I understand there are fair criticisms aimed at Israel but if you make every post, every argument pointing the finger at a particular group of people like some like to do here, then it suggests something else and your narrative loses credibility as being one with an agenda!

No one is arguing that it wasn’t in fact that was why I posted the article, to show the point that Whites are being targeted by the social engineers who are bent on playing the virtue signaling assholes whose advocacy for brown is lowering the bar to third world status and we are allowing it to happen.

In order to fight against that one must

  1. Recognize that white people have interests

  2. Advocate for those interests

Neither of things are “allowed” and doing either will get you branded as a racist.

Well that is the risk you take for standing up for what you believe in! The good news you are not alone in your fight!

Your argument assumes that those who have white interests and argue for white interests only do so through criticism of ■■■■ and/or Israel. That’s just not the case and only gives a pass to those on the left and the right who scream “Nazi!” when someone does make an argument supporting white people.

No that is not what I am saying and my argument assumes nothing. My message was directed at one particular individual so there is context to go with it so stop trying to conflate the issue. Some do and some don’t, but castigating another group of people such as the ■■■■ for the problems of the world doesn’t further another groups cause or put it on a higher moral ground it is only enhances the victimization mentality!

Here is a video made by a pro white nationalist!

It all comes down to Cultural Marxism. Stop the Cultural Marxists and the peddlers of destruction and we will be back on the path of righteousness.

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