Time For An Immigration Deal?

It’s pretty clear to all that Trump, to use a cricket metaphor, is on his back foot. He desperately wants a deal where he can proclaim victory on his wall. Of course, as Pelosi said, she could plant the flowers in her office on the border and he would proclaim victory.

A second point to notice - the Senate Conference Committee on this issue is notably bereft of hard liners. That too is a signal that a deal can be made.

So here’s the question: Do the Dems stay uncompromising, or do they bargain something good in immigration reform in exchange for some sort of border security deal? Their bargaining position will very likely never be nearly as strong for the next two years. A permanent DACA fix in exchange for money for border security is something they were willing to offer previously. Should that still be on the table?

This article gives some insight into the Trump cave and what might come next:


To me, the whole wall thing is a distraction and delaying tactic on the part of Trump. The priority is Accountability, starting with putting pressure on Republican House leadership to fill committee seats for House committees for Intelligence, Judicary, and Oversight.

I don’t think permanent DACA is possible until Trump is out of office. This should be a limited negotiation over ‘border security’ and nothing more. If there is no compromise to be had, let Trump and Republicans live with shutting down the government AGAIN, or get entangled in legal and procedural fallout from emergency declaration and having Army build a wall. That will be distracting to THEM.

There is already a thread that had been talking about this issue! Perhaps try spending a little more time reading before posting similar redundant topics!

This is specifically focused on DNC strategy moving forward. The other OPs on this topic were really just right wing talking points with little to no analysis, as per usual.