TikTok Admits Suppressing Fat, LGBT, and Disabled Video Creators 🤣

I’m really starting to love this new timeline.

If our own leaders are too cucked, I really hope Xi Jingping or some other world leader will just say out loud “Why are high IQ white Americans mixing with a bunch of low IQ blacks and hispanics?”

That would be delightful.

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Not gonna lie. I am totally fine with this. I love that damn app and I only want to see stuff that is entertaining. I don’t care about having to get some leftist message about how evil I am, I get that from everywhere else. Leave my damn TikTok alone.

Now they know how we feel.

The chingchongers are wise. They know no one wants to burp the worm looking at fat negresses twerking. I, for one, welcome our new Asian overlords.

If you swipe past all the whores on TikTok there is some legit funny stuff.

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I saw this one this morning and laughed my ass off.

Besides all the THOTs, the reason why TikTok is popular is because of how politically incorrect so much of the content is. That should send a message to all social media companies that censorship really isn’t the way to go. People still do have a sense of humor and laugh at stuff that is really offensive. If people want to be joyless and completely pissed off they can go to Facebook and Twitter. I deleted both of those off my phone a while ago and pretty much only use snap, insta (which is still FB), and TikTok.