Thunberg_Noble Prize!

Well now the young lady who gets free trips around the world, eats gourmet food and now has body guards has officially been nominated for the Noble/Obama Peace prize. This is like Hollywood nominating itself for an academy award. She reminds me of a character from the Dr. Seuss Book. WOW! What a waste of time!

So there is now a Nobel Prize for “existing”. Whoda thought.

Jonas Salk & his team saved the planet from one of the monsters of the 20th century; but no Nobel Prize. When I contacted the committee and asked why, the reply was, “we have people who make those decisions”. I REST MY CASE !

Oh well, Joan Jett is in the Rock’n’Roll hall of fame and Jethro Tull isn’t

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I guess God will have His jokes.

These days Pro Wrestling is a more serious competition than the Nobel Peace Prize, and the winner is more deserving

Nobel Cheese prize is now a bad joke!

Come hell or high water they are going to continue propping this little puppet up. She’s the perfect drone for them. She repeats the narrative word-by-word and doesn’t question it. She’s also becoming considerably wealthy as a result. That alone shows that this is a total scam. They are trying to create a “green” industry so that they and their pals can rake in billions of dollars.

Nailed it. The globalists have been trying to build this industry since the days of Obama and make no mistake that he is one of the leading architects who will be cashing in on all of it.

Obama got one for attendance…

This is odd! I got an alert for this thread so thought it was because I posted a similarity to a novel by Montsarrat called The Story of Esther Costello, but that post doesn’t show. Curiouser and curiouser?